12" Boil Screen

  • The 12 inch boil screen
The 12 inch boil screen View of the opening into the boil screen, showing its threads

12" Boil Screen

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Stainless mesh tube replaces a false bottom in a mash tun or boil kettle for lautering wort or filtering whole hops. Overall length is 12.5 inches; 1/2" male pipe threads.

Please note: This product requires the 1/2" Adapter for IsoFlow™ and EZ Clean™ Bulkheads in order to be compatible with IsoFlow™ or EZ Clean™ hardware.

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SKU 7547

Customer Reviews

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James S.
Great filter for plate chiller.

This screen seems ready made for filtering wort before it gets pumped to the plate chiller. I’ve had to bend it partially in several places to fit in the pot. I use a immersible pump which of course I sterilize in boiling water ahead of time.

Good value

Its cheaper than a false bottom and works just as well if not better. I check to make sure the mesh is on securely, and am careful to not bash with my mash paddle. Other than that, there's nothing to go wrong.

better and cheaper than a false bottom

I've used it in 7 brews with no stuck sparges. As long as you don't bash it with your mash paddle, and take care to check it for looseness, its a good alternative to a false bottom. Much easier to work with and clean too.

I prefer this to a false bottom

Its less durable and can be smashed with a mash paddle if you aren't careful but overall I like it. I have no stuck sparges. No grains can get under the false bottom. Its a good low tech solution.

Good so far

I've been using it this year with no problems. No stuck sparges and it stays together. Just be careful you don't crush it with your mash paddle. Just make sure the clamp is secure. Easy to clean and a fraction of the price of a false bottom.