Blichmann BoilerMaker - 10 Gallon False Bottom

  • 10-Gallon False Bottom for the Boilermaker
10-Gallon False Bottom for the Boilermaker Side-view of the 10-gallon false bottom for the boilermaker Close-up of the underside of the 10-gallon false bottom for the boilermaker

Blichmann BoilerMaker - 10 Gallon False Bottom

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This 10 Gallon False bottom will fit a 10 Gallon BoilerMaker™ stock pot. Patent pending button louver false bottom is a hybrid of a perforated false bottom (high efficiency) and a slotted manifold (plug resistance) to give you the best of BOTH designs! Not recommended for boil kettles - use the optional 12" Boil Screen in that situation.

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SKU 40306

Customer Reviews

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Smart design

The slotted opening lets in wort but keeps out small grain bits. It sits flush against the lip so no grain gets around or through. Stuck sparges are a thing of the past.

Nicely done

It doesn't let grain slip around the side and get under to block the sparge. I've never had a stuck sparge as long as I don't crush too tightly.

Tom B.
Superior performance

I used this false bottom with a 10 gallon boilermaker brewpot and had superior results compared to my previous igloo cooler with a steel mesh false bottom. I was surprised at how well the fly sparging went - no hitches whatsoever and I was able to extend the sparging for over 50 minutes without problem. Flow was continuous and easily controlled. Another great Blichman product.

Part of my new Blichmann mashing system

This fits my Blichmann mashing pot perfectly. There is no room for grain to slip under the false bottom because its lying flat on the ridge. Cleaning is easy because I can pop out the dip tub and raise it, and remove it. I have 3 pots all connected and use a pump to move around water and wort.

The best false bottom I've used

I've not had a stuck sparge in over 20 brews using this false bottom. You wont get cut on it, no bazooka tube to get crushed, no gaps on the side for grain to slip through. Its well designed and worth the investment.