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Blichmann HopBlocker

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This exciting new device is virtually plug free and captures up to 95% of the brew kettle particulates! As usual, we took a completely fresh approach to the pellet hop problem and through a year of very tasty research we developed the HopBlocker. It capitalizes on preferential flow to direct the clear wort to the kettle drain and keep the particulates at the bottom where they belong.

The HopBlocker can easily bring a pound of pellet hops to its knees. Works best in BoilerMaker pots, but can be adapted for use in other manufacturers pots and kegs too.

Measures 5.625" tall by 3.75" wide at base.

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SKU 77007

Customer Reviews

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Anthony W.
works well

no hop residue in wort - as advertised

Chris W.
Works as advertised

A little hard to install. But once you get it you are ready to go.

John F.
Made Specifically for Blichmann Kettles

The write up says that this product can be used on non-Blichmann kettles. That's technically true, but not practical. To do so you'll have to drill a new hole in your kettle and install a Blichmann drain spout. I don't recommend buying it unless you're already set up with a Blichmann-designed system. To their credit, when I returned the HopBlocker unused, Midwest Supplies gave a full refund with no fuss.

Be careful

Making a good whirlpool and not knocking it over will give good results. If you bump it you can get hops in your wort, so it's a little risky. Maybe it works better in a boiler maker.

low tech solution

I used it for a year but replaced it with a stainless steel mesh cylinder. This is one Blichmann product that is not cutting the mustard with me. If you hit it with your spoon even once while whirl pooling, you will regret it. Its just clunky, having to be careful with this and that. You will end up with hops in the blocker and eventually in your fermentor.