BrewMometer™ - 1/2" NPT Thread

  • BrewMometer™ - 1/2" NPT Thread
BrewMometer™ - 1/2 BrewMometer™ - 1/2

BrewMometer™ - 1/2" NPT Thread

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This versatile Brewing thermometer from Blichmann Engineering is made of stainless steel with a 3" face plate, 3" long probe and 1/2" NPT pipe thread. The dial features all the temperature ranges for advanced brewing and can be easily calibrated with a turn screw on the back.

This thermometer will thread into any 1/2" female fitting for a leak proof seal, teflon tape is recommended. For a Weld-Less version, use the Weldless ThermoAdapter adapter.

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SKU 7418

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Not so much...

My experience with this has been way less than stellar. In fact I thought the first one was defective so had it replaced but the new one does the same thing. For all of you who think this is so great use a second thermometer to check your temp when it is on the rise. It is not the accuracy of this unit that I dislike it is the SLOW response. I have overshot my temps several times waiting for this thing to move while my other thermometer said I was on target. Also, if you stir your mash and hit the probe that extends into the pot, the temp shoots up 20-30 degrees and then falls back to supposedly the right temp. WTF? Anyway I am not impressed and it is basically just a plug in the second hole of my mash tun as It can't be trusted.

the best

This BrewMometer is great, have it on my old 16 Gal brew pot and just ordered it to put on my 25 Gal pot, great quality and always accurate.

Love it

This came with my brew pot and I was impressed.. you can tilt the unit and it was accurate. Like others have said the common temp ranges are marked out on the dial. Only used it once so far but looks reliable enough for many uses. Looks pricey on the surface but with the features it is worth it.

Excellent quality

Using this on my mash tun. Easy to read dial, and top quality.

Very Versatile, Love Mine!

Love the different brewing indicators marked on the face of this. It has a wide temperature range from lagering to boiling so this is versatile enough to be used for part of the brewing process. It has an easy to adjust calibration screw on the back, but I found mine to arrive already calibrated._x000D__x000D_With a T-fitting I attached this Brewmometer to the output of my plate-chiller to monitor the temperature of the chilled wort as it goes into the fermenter. It makes it very easy to regulate the temperature of the wort. _x000D_