Master Vintner® Excalibur Infuser™

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Excalibur Wine and Beer Infuser Master Vintner® Excalibur Infuser in fermentor Master Vintner® Excalibur Infuser in beer

Master Vintner® Excalibur Infuser™

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Now, you have the POWER! With the Excalibur Stainless Steel Wine Infuser at your side, you wield the magic to infuse your homemade wine with an incredible array of complex flavors. Easily, with no mess or fuss.

Forged in the depths of Master Vintner's wine workshop, the Excalibur Infuser™ features 16 inches of gleaming, perforated stainless steel capped with an adaptable silicone stopper drilled to hold an air lock.

Simply load Excalibur with your favorite flavoring elements -- anything from fresh fruit to aged oak and beyond -- and plunge it into your carboy or Big Mouth Bubbler® to transform the flavors of your wine while it ferments.

With Excalibur, flavor is king and limited only by your imagination. Long may you reign!

*The Excalibur is too tall to fit into a 3 Gallon glass carboy.

No sorcery required…just creativity. With the Excalibur Infuser™, you can easily wield your flavor-infusing powers like a master vintner.

Excalibur is designed to fit snugly in a standard glass carboy fermenter, or plug into the port of a Big Mouth Bubbler® with universal lid. And its food-grade silicone seal is drilled to accept an airlock, so you can leave it in for as long or as little as you like. The perforated infuser core allows for maximum flavor release, while retaining your flavoring agents in one, easy-to-remove piece.

Whether you decide to add oak cubes, spices, or fresh fruit, you're sure to be pleased with the result.

With Excalibur, flavor is king and limited only by your imagination. Long may you reign!

The 16 inch perforated screen is 1-1/8 inches wide; a perfect fit for most carboys and our line of Big Mouth Bubbler® fermenters. It fits vessels with an opening larger than 1-1/8”. Seals any vessel that accepts a bung 1-⅛ “ to 1-7/16” or that uses a standard 6.5 rubber stopper.

  • Height: 16 Inches
  • Diameter: 1-1/8 Inch
  • Volume: 260 mL

*The Excalibur is too tall to fit into a 3 Gallon glass carboy. The Excalibur is not recommended for pellet hops.

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SKU 43146

Customer Reviews

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Emanuele L.

Master Vintner® Excalibur Infuser™

Charles H.P.

Have not had the opportunity to use the infuser yet. But will soon

Gary M.
If you a home winemaker : buy it

It is a great idea for smaller openings. A stainless steel eye hook on the top would be useful . It is possible ,however to do that yourself and attack nylon string to assist pulling it out .

J O.
We like it

Just put the oak in the carboy. Held the right amount of oak cubes, fit perfectly and is well made. Looks like it will last for many years of winemaking. The silicone ends will not add anything to the wine.

Michael M.
Top usually comes off, tube falls to bottom of carboy

Tried it out in carboy, but even empty the main tube falls off the top plug so you have to fish the tube out of the carboy somehow. It's a great idea, but this implementation does not work well at all. I mean, you're counting on friction with silicone to hold the tube weight, while in a liquid.

I saw another site use the same plug on both ends as this one has on the bottom, with a string attached, so this might be salvageable by whittling away at the top so a real bung fits in the carboy, then attaching fishing line or something to the tube.