FastLabel Instant Beer Labels - 70 count

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FastLabel Instant Beer Labels - 70 count

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Customize and display your bottles with the easiest labeling on the planet! FastLabels are easy to use, with no adhesive there’s no tedious scrubbing or soaking. These shrink-wrap label sleeves don’t just save time, they save money too—print your designed labels off on regular computer paper for pennies, then give them a professional, waterproof look in seconds with FastLabel. Best of all, they are versatile and fit a wide range of bottle sizes, so your homebrew can look great no matter what you package it in! Labeling has never been so easy or looked so good.

Place your bottle and a custom label inside the sleeve. Then use hot water, a hair dryer, or a heat gun to shrink the sleeve around the bottle. Trim any excess material and enjoy.

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SKU 41499

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great product for labels!!

For me, naming, labeling and packaging my beers are half the fun. These are the best product I have found to help with making labels. Allows me to have my labels be reusable and never have to scrub labels off empty bottles. THE TRICK: you have to use the boiling water method to shrink. The heat gun will leave wrinkles and not work as well. Also I trim the excess off mine after shrinking. Makes them look even more professional.

Fast LAbel - Not worth the hassle!

Works best with a quick pass in front of a heat gun.. but really not worth the time consuming hassle of getting plastic around each bottle then slipping in the label. Good idea, poor execution!


Did not seal well enough o keep color on labels. Easy to use.

Follow the directions

Stick with the boil method, hair dryer does not work, stuff looks crummy. Place the label as low as you can, the shrink wrap can mess up and catch condensation and ruin labels. See photo of my stuff.