Fermentasaurus Snub Nose Conical Fermenter - 9.25 gal

  • Fermentasaurus Snub Nose Conical Fermenter with wort
Fermentasaurus Snub Nose Conical Fermenter with wort Snub Nose Fermenter transferring to secondary with pressure

Fermentasaurus Snub Nose Conical Fermenter - 9.25 gal

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The Snub Nose version of the Fermentasaurus conical fermentor is the world’s first commercially available PET fermentor that fits easily in a Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator. The Snub Nose utilizes the same highly specialized PET grade material as the original Fermentasaurus and is pressure-capable up to 35 PSI. This version of the Fermentasaurus allows you to transfer under CO2 pressure which minimizes the oxygen being introduced to your brews. The Snub Nose Fermentasaurus is crystal clear, which allows to see the yeast in action.
Brewers can pressurize the vessel up to 35 psi to allow for carbonation and dispensing directly from vessel like a keg. The Snub Nose Fermentasaurus can fit into the Keg Master Series 4 Kegerator meaning once the beer is carbonated it can be dispensed directly from your tap. Simply attach the liquid out post to a draft system or picnic tap. Beer served direct from the fermentor is completely uncompromised by oxygen.

Transferring beer to kegs or other fermentation vessels is simple, sanitary and practically oxygen free when performed under pressure with the ease of the included pressure lid. Simply attach a gas supply disconnect to the ball lock gas post and push the beer out of the vessel with C02 by way of the pressure lid’s floating dip tube. The floating dip tube allows only the bright beer to be picked up and transferred, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the fermenter behind. Transferring in this way requires a ball lock jumper (liquid to liquid transfer disconnect package).

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SKU 42910

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Best thing since sliced Bread!

Bought this after a broken carboy left 5 gallons of Pilsner on the floor in front of my cooler:-) , and on the recommendation of a fellow brewer. This is the BOMB! I particularly like the ability to do an oxygen free transfer from the fermenter to the keg, and to ferment under pressure. It is light, simple to move, and it has both a volume sticker and a thermometer to judge pitching temp. I liked it so much I
bought a second one to double my capacity.

Works as Advertised

I have really started to get into pressure fermentation as well as pressure closed transfers. So far the last 3 batches have gone extremely well. I will have to say that I hope Midwest will be able to start carrying the gen 3 snub nose fermenters to include the updated features for
Keeping the flexible dip tube in the middle of the carboy. I guess my one complaint is that, when I purchased my two snub noses I didn’t realize that they were about 4 months away from mandatory hydrostatic pressure check to ensure the carboy is still capable of pressure for fermentation, and requires a $35 pressure testing accessory. Besides that I am quite satisfied with my purchase.

Wonderful fermenter!

I really love the ease of use and cleaning. My only issue was that the fermenter I received was less than two full months away from its “expiration date” when it needs to be hydro tested. Got it in February and the date is early April... but it works great!


Awesome fermenter at a great price!

Great Fermenter

This fermentation tool is amazing. Easy to clean. Ferment under pressure. Sample from fermenter easily with a small hose and a picnic tap. When you clean it, turn the man part upside down and now you have a drying rack.