Fermostat Programmable Fermentation Thermostat

  • Fermostat Programmable Fermentation Thermostat

Fermostat Programmable Fermentation Thermostat

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Introducing the first-ever programmable fermentation thermostat. The dual-stage Fermostat® plans ahead so you don’t have to, scheduling every stage of fermentation. Not only does the Fermostat® maintain and change temperature, it changes the temperature at the pace you decide—you can program the duration of temperature transitions!

Fermostat® is as good as set-it-and-forget it gets. Program your fermentation on as long of a timeline as your recipe requires. Complex lager fermentations that normally require constant supervision can be completely automated. As the first-ever intelligent fermentation thermostat, it learns the characteristics of your heating and cooling elements to correct temperature before it’s outside the desired range. Fermostat® minimizes temperature oscillations to ensure your yeast stay strong and healthy.

You don’t have to sacrifice customization to enjoy the benefits of Fermostat®. Internal memory allows you to write and store specific fermentation schedules for each beer brewed, customizable for your own recipes and methods. Create programs to automate cold crash, diacetyl rest, lagering and free rise.

Fermostat® offers better understanding with less effort. Its data logging feature constantly records actual temperature for full visibility into your process. Complete with a removable micro SD card, the Fermostat® lets you transfer every precious data log and program to an external PC.

You don’t have to write a schedule for every brew either—Fermostat® includes several default programs ready to go out-of-the-box. Easy to use, it’s equipped with an LCD screen and scroll wheel for intuitive operation. Fermostat® embodies freedom in fermentation, so you don’t have to plan your life around perfecting your pint.

Includes 1 temperature sensor cable, 1 NEMA 5-15P input power cable and 2 NEMA 5-15R output power cords.

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SKU 40248

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Do NOT buy this.

I purchased this from Midwest Supplies in 2015. I have tried to use it for every brew and it has failed 90% of the time. Caleb, from Ohm Brew, responded back in 2015 to help me with my first set of issues and I have not been able to get in touch with him since. It's overheated and currently reading an ambient temperature 35 F above actual. Many of the listed "features" were to be future releases that never came to be. If this worked as advertised it would have been one of my favorite pieces of equipment. Such a shame that it never materialized and many were burned by Caleb's lack of a follow through. Do NOT buy this if you have any intentions of getting a functional fermentation temperature controller.

Nothing but problems

Thought this unit would be a great solution for temp control in my fermentation fridge. The nice thing is that it can switch from heat to cool automatically. The down side is that very few features on this thing work at all. I should have read the support forum on their web site first. Very little there but people with problems and only one person providing support. He appears to pop in about once every six months. Don't waste your money.

Greg, If you are still having problems give us a call. We'd be happy to help!
Not working

Bought this and had nothing but problems from day one! Recieved another one from ohmbrew , either now or repaired? But it freezes on splash screen and so far no fix or response from company on what to do! I would look at other options!