Four Pack of 5 Gallon Reconditioned Ball Lock Kegs

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  • Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (Four Pack)
Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (Four Pack) Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (Four Pack) O-Rings Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs (Four Pack) Oxygen Wash

Four Pack of 5 Gallon Reconditioned Ball Lock Kegs

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This set of 4 reconditioned ball lock kegs plus 4 keg seal kits and 2 lb. of Oxygen Wash ships free and provides one of the best values. These reconditioned ball lock 5-gallon kegs are used, but have been tested and approved to hold pressure -- their most important task. Though the exteriors may have cosmetic imperfections, we guarantee that they are pressure-capable, as each and every one is pressure tested.

Needed, but not included, is a CO2 cylinder, Regulator, and Ball Lock Gas Line Assembly, and Ball Lock Beer Line Assembly lines.
During the pressure testing process, o-rings and outer-post o-rings are replaced if necessary. With each system we have included an extra set of all new o-ring replacements as well. Each keg is cleaned with a caustic soda rinse -- but even so -- the keg may retain a sweet smell of soft drink. The keg exteriors have not had extensive cleaning, so as with most "used" soda kegs we recommend that you thoroughly clean the keg inside (again) and out before using.

This amazing price is worth a few dents! Because these kegs are used, many show exterior wear and tear that will not affect the keg performance to hold pressure. Holding pressure is the keg's main function, and it will keep your beer tasting fresh and delicious. The affordability of buying "reconditioned" is definitely worth a few scratches and dents.

These kegs are sourced from a variety of vendors and may not look new, but they work like new, thus the major discount off the price of a brand new keg. If you are unhappy with the used 5 Gallon Ball Lock Kegs for any reason, we will take them back. However, you, the customer will be responsible for return shipping charges.

Note: Keg Lube can help prevent CO2 leaks and prolong the life of the keg seals.

Looking for a more comprehensive system? See our Draft Brewer® keg systems.

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SKU 42598

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Good, but...

I bought these on sale, and with the deal I got, I feel like I paid a decent price. Overall the kegs were cleaner than some I got in a group buy, and they had the stickers removed. They came holding pressure. Just like other used kegs, the posts are FIRMLY attached, so be prepared with an impact wrench or cheater bar.
I'm reduced the rating because one keg came with a huge dent (and other minor dents), and another had some rust on the pressure relief valve. They hold pressure and the handles are firmly glued, so for the price I'm still satisfied with this purchase. But, if I had paid full price, I would have been disappointed.

Great Price!

Although I have only used one of them yet, all were in good shape and held pressure as described. Nice that they come with cleaner and seals.

Awsome used kegs at a great price

Kegs were clean and in very good condition for used kegs. I highly recommend Midwest. Great products, great service as usual. Thanks

Good kegs, with excellent customer service

One of the 4 kegs received was actually damaged at the gas in port so did not hold pressure, but Midwest customer service resolved the issue quickly.

I use it to keep tennis balls pressurized

Each keg holds about 60 balls. After a hitting session, I put my practice balls back in and use my air compressor to put the leg at about 18 PSI. Works great. The balls lose their felt long before they lose pressure.