Jacked-Up™ Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit

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  • Jacked-Up™ Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit with Keg System
Jacked-Up™ Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit with Keg System Jacked-Up™ Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit

Jacked-Up™ Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit

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Introducing the first complete small batch nitro cold brew system in the world. Jacked-Up™ includes everything you need to brew deep, flavorful coffee and share & enjoy it on tap with cutting-edge, creamy nitro.

Cold-brewed coffee brings out completely different flavors from each roast and bean. Serving it on nitro transforms every aspect in the sensory experience of drinking it. Cold press on nitro looks cooler, smells deeper, tastes smoother and feels creamier.

Enjoy the most cutting-edge coffee drinking experience in the world—in the convenience of your own home—with the Jacked Up™ Nitro Fully-Loaded Cold Brew Starter Kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Cannonball® 1.75 Gallon Mini-Keg

  • Nitro Snap Tap™

  • Nitrogen Cartridge & Regulator

  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler®

  • Mini Auto-Siphon & Tubing

  • Fine Mesh Straining Bag

  • Peace Coffee Yeti Cold Press Blend, Lactose and Sugar

  • Complete Instructions

Enjoy cold brew in the convenience of your own home. Hop out of bed in the morning pour yourself a glass over ice and you’re out the door! No stopping at a coffee shop, waiting in line and rushing to work. Keep your mornings relaxed while you get energized with Jacked-Up™ Cold Brew!
When you serve cold press on nitro, it not only tastes better, it extends the shelf life of your cold brew to at least two weeks, and sometimes up to a month! The Nitro Snap Tap™ is easy to use for sharing-friendly serving, and the Cannonball® is ultra-portable, so you can serve cutting-edge cold brew in your kitchen, the office, or even on a picnic! Brew your own cold press or use your favorite concentrate, store it in your fridge and keep the caffeine comin’.

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SKU 41851

Customer Reviews

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An ok set, but could be better.

The first night I increased the pressure to around 20psi, shook it for a minute or so and did a quick small pull. The test pull had a nice cascading effect so I was really excited. I turned off the regular and let it sit in the fridge overnight. The next morning the pressure was still the same around 20psi, but the pressure dropped off to below 5 after that. I turned on the regulator again and it barely had enough left to hit 5psi before being empty.

The 18g nitrogen cartriges are 20 bucks a pop and I was really disappointed after mine seemed to be empty after a single pull of coffee. I can't justify spending that much on a bunch of cartridges if they are not going to last for a whole batch of coffee. There is a very similar regular that can be used for nitrogen/co2 on Amazon that goes up to 60psi at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B075MKR7K7/. It also includes the adapters to connect directly to a 5 pound tank so I am going to try a different regulator and source of nitrogen. Others have complained about the psi on the regulator topping out around 30 which is a bit low in my mind but usable. However after seeing there is an improved regulator I would have liked to see Midwest Supplies include that as an option. It would have also been really nice to at least include the cheap adapters so that there is an option to eventually move away from the nitrogen cartridges towards a traditional tap setup.This kit could be great, but the way it is delivered feels a bit short of what it could be.

Otherwise the keg, tap, and miniature wide mouth bubbler are excellent. I cold brew my coffee grounds with 1.5 pounds of coarse ground darker roast on the verge of second crack with my Behmor roaster in a gallon of spring water for 24 hours. To make life easier I put the grounds in the nylon mesh bag and strain them before removing the next day. I also found I like to run the brew through a paper coffee filter before I drink it just to remove the extra sediment.

Not enough pressure

For starters, the Peace Coffee that comes with the kit isn't my favorite. It's not vacuum sealed and I didn't notice a date anywhere on the package so it's hard to tell how fresh the stuff is. On the other hand, it did make the shipping container smell rather nice. The directions are also rather lacking. I fresh ground the beans and added them to 1 gallon of water in the big mouth and steeped for 24 hours at room temp. I filtered with the siphon pump through the included mesh bag into a large jug, and refrigerated until cold. I then poured the cold coffee (now drinkable) through a regular paper coffee filter into the mini-keg and attached the mini nitro tank. I was able to get ~24 PSI by opening it up all the way.Unfortunately, that's not enough pressure for pure nitro and my first few cups were flat. Because nitrogen isn't readily water soluble, we need to use more pressure than we do when working with CO2. There's also the fact that nitro beers don't typically use pure nitrogen... they use a 3:1 nitro:carbon-dioxide gas blend called "beer gas." Knowing this, I was able to "cheat" and jack up the pressure by fully pressurizing the keg with the nitro, then attaching my CO2 tank and dialing up the pressure even higher. I went to 32 PSI, let it sit, and dispensed a glass that cascaded perfectly. The addition of the CO2 didn't add any undesirable fizz.So, while the equipment in the kit is, in fact, rather nice (the big mouth, cannonball keg, and stout tap are all independently awesome), the whole thing is crippled by the weakness of the nitro tank and the mini-regulator. In order to actually use this thing effectively, I'll need to invest in a full size nitro tank and regulator.

Pressure regulator

Took days to come up to pressure. Mini keg max is 60 psi could only put 18 psi and took days to be 24 psi.