Lallemand Belle Saison Dry Yeast 11 g

  • Lallemand Belle Saison Dry Yeast 11 g

Lallemand Belle Saison Dry Yeast 11 g

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A Belgian-style Saison yeast in Dry Yeast form. Like other saison strains, higher temperatures will help to produce some of the signature flavors associated with farmhouse beers. Reliable and vigorous in fermentation, this yeast will produce authentic saison style beers with ease. Gluten Free
Belle Saison is a Belgian Ale yeast strain perfect for making Saison-style beer. It has a quick start, and a very vigorous fermentation. In fact, fermentation can complete in as little as 5 days under optimal circumstances. Fruity aromas, as well as spicy and peppery notes are often created due to ester formation. As with many Belgian strains flocculation is low, and the finished product will often be cloudy. If you desire a clearer product cold crashing or fining agents such as isinglass can be used in secondary fermentation.

Additional Information

SKU Y023
Yeast Style Belgian Ale
Yeast Format Dry
Flocculation Low
Min Attenuation 77
Max Attenuation 83
Min Fermenting Temp 63
Max Fermenting Temp 77

Customer Reviews

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Gets the job done

It works as it should. Not much more that you could expect from a packet of yeast!

I’ll use it again for my next Saison.

The attenuation of this yeast is impressive. Dropped my Saison down to 1.002 FG. I fermented at room temp (74ish) but I’m sure it got closer to 80 durning fermentation. The flavor is great!

Belle Saison is is Beautiful!

This yeast is very forgiving, and will ferment without undesired off-flavors from 59*F to 95*F. I had a mishap with temp controller and it dropped to 40*F after pitching. Let it slowly rise to 59*F and started fermenting...then. Got to 73*F and unplugged Fermwrap. Finished at 1.020, and plugged Fermwrap back in. Got to 81.2*F and unplugged it. Finished out at 1.006 (if not lower)...right on the money for my recipe.