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  • Midwest Supplies Logo Pint Glass

Midwest Supplies Logo Pint Glass

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Classic and unassuming, this traditional American pint is the perfect way to enjoy your most recent batch of beer. Printed with the Midwest Supplies logo, this glass holds 16 ounces of homebrew.

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SKU '41278

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So so glad to find these glasses!

I purchased two to replace my regular drinking glass cause I had two and one broke I'd been using them so long the print wore off. whisky and coke is my drink of choice. I just fill them with ice and take my whisky to the top of the hills and top off with coke two pokes to the ice and I'm back to the good stuff. Good weight and quality. I hope Midwest never stops selling these.. and also very well packaged.

Matthew H.
Museum Quality Pint Glass

These glasses have superb clarity for showcasing home brew. They add to the experience of biting down into a fresh foamy head on a draft beer. I didn't know what I was missing before these. I also like the way the Midwest logo looks on them!

Christopher S.
Nice gift formy brewing friends

I have brew friends that always look for different pints for their bar.

Geoffrey H.
Freebie With Large Order

It is a standard straight pint glass. so no points for glass- shape innovation. That said, it's multi-colored logo makes this about the prettiest straight ping in my beer glass collection. Oh, since it isn't one of the options, if I had to pick a favorite beer style, it would be Dortmunder Export Lager, followed by Czech Pilsner, DIPA and Imperial Stout.

Nice addition to my glassware

Its good sized, and has a nice feel to it, and is a welcome addition to my beer glassware.