Munton and Fison Ale Dry Yeast

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Munton and Fison Ale Yeast - Midwest supplies Muntons Ale Dry Yeast

Munton and Fison Ale Dry Yeast

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Muntons brewer’s yeast has been a popular favorite for many years amongst the homebrew community worldwide, gaining an enviable reputation for its consistent healthy performance, its hardy nature and its clean finish.
Muntons brewer’s yeast is a dried brewer’s yeast that produces a powdery flocculation with an apparent attenuation of 70%. Ideal fermentation temperature is between 64° – 70°F to produce an alcohol tolerance of 8% ABV. It provides low ester formation but with relatively high residual sugar giving good body and mouth feel.

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SKU Y001

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Great for soda!!

Used this to brew our first batch of root beer and so far we like the results. Good soda yeast in my opinion.

Excellent Yeast

This is a fast acting robustly fermenting yeast. I may never go back to the fancy English and German yeasts after seeing how this stufff works. It has a rathr neutral flavor in my opinion, it does not seem to affect the taste of the beer very much - as some yeasts are intended to do.

Great for apple cider

Used 5.25 gals apple juice and 4 lbs of honey (makes 6 gals). Leave in primary one month at around 78F (yes it's hot here in FL). Bottle with or without cask aging yeast. Bottle condition a month or more.

Comes out dry, but not over the top like champagne yeast. Nice apple flavor and a hint of sweetness.

I've used this in ales as well and they always come out fine.

kit brew with muntons yeast

I did not get a very robust fermentation, started slowly and ended soon. Also used 1/2 cup dry malt and 1/2 cup corn sugar for the prime and the bottles are very low carbonation. Not sure if that is yeast related or not.


I have not used the yeast yet but an quite sure it is a good product and will perform as advertised.