Munton's Nut Brown Ale Hopped Kit

  • Munton's hop malt extract nut brown ale

Munton's Nut Brown Ale Hopped Kit

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Munton's Premium Canned Hopped Malt Extract connoisseurs series Nut Brown Ale. Dark and smooth, a brown ale with a slightly "nutty" character. To really enjoy this ale serve at cellar temperature.O.G. 1040° to 1044°. Included yeast is located under the cap.

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SKU H3305

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Really enjoyed it

This is one of my favorites.


I had helped a person make this beer recently and will not be able to report the brewer's comments for some time as is will need to and improve with age. I suggest you recommend the suggested amounts of additive Muntons advises for each prehopped selection.


If you have not taste "dark beer you this is exellent choiche first one.. Very smooth flavor..

Questionable Brew?

Due to a few physical limitations I had to stop doing all grain brews and have been trying the no boil pre-hopped LME kits. With a few additions and changes to the recipes I have been getting some very GOOD Northern Ales (my I did a Munton's NBA according to the directions using their yeast and one Kilo of DME instead of sugar. As usual (30 years of brewing) the entire fermentation went perfectly. Two weeks and my SG was stable and down where it was supposed to be so I bottled it using FOR THE FIRST AND LAST TIME the FIZZY DROPS I ordered from you. I have done dozens of brews with COOPERS Carbonation Drops ( 1 per 12 ozbottle ans 2 per 22 ozBomber) Always great Carbonation and great head with excellent lacing. THIS TIME BAD.I have a couple of cases of beer that has a film like cloud at the top if the bottle, a tight sediment layer compacted at the bottom of an otherwise very bright beer. The carbonation can only be compared to a bottle of Pepsi and has the same two second foam BUT no head. Since I bought 2 of the Muntons kits and 2 of the Fizzy drops I will try the Muntons once more after I dump this brew, however the Fizzy Drops have already made it to the dumpster

Hi Henry, Thanks for your review! Sorry to hear that the Fizz Drops didn't work out for you. We'd be happy to offer a replacement kit, would that work for you?
Good flavor

This hopped ale kit sure does pack some good flavor. In my experience, it's better to use something like this with proper fermentation control rather than another hopped kit.