Kombucha Brewing Vessel w/Spigot - 3 Gallons

  • Northern Brewer 3 Gallon Kombucha Vessel with Spigot
Northern Brewer 3 Gallon Kombucha Vessel with Spigot Side-view of the Kombucha Fermenter with spigot Northern Brewer 3 Gallon Kombucha Vessel with Stainless Spigot Close-up of the 3 Gallon Kombucha Fermenter's Spigot

Kombucha Brewing Vessel w/Spigot - 3 Gallons

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Our 3 gallon kombucha vessel features handcrafted European glass & an easy-use spigot for serving. Specifically designed for avid kombucha drinkers ready to make 'booch at home. Ferment & serve in one vessel. Choose between plastic or stainless steel spigot.


  • Made from premium European glass! Crystal clear - easily monitor & display your brews.
  • Choose between plastic or stainless steel spigot.
  • Add or subtract sweet tea as needed.
  • Wide opening: easily add your favorite ingredients & clean up afterward - no need to squeeze a brush through a small opening.
  • 3 Gallon Capacity
  • No lid. For full kombucha kits including ingredients, please see our [kombucha starter kits].
  • These containers double as display cases for ANY cold beverage. Serve lemonade, iced tea, kombucha, sangria, bloody marys, cold brew coffee--the possibilities are endless
  • Dimensions 15" Tall x 9.25" Diameter

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Customer Reviews

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Charles M.
3 gal Glass kombucha vessel

Works like it should , good quality.
I did get the stainless spigot just seemed better choice than plastic, food grade plastic would probably be fine as well. It comes without the spigot on so you need to install it all good but a lil scary the hole thats drilled for it had little chip marks on each side of hole ( this is a glass vessel ) they did a good job your or i was just nervous screwing down the spigot to tight.
I bought this for a CB Booch brewer and have Bottled 4 2 1/2 gal batches off it so far and it does a great job just like you'd think.

I would purchase again , order was processed super quick and shipping was also quick.
I like Midwest Ive purchased other equipment from then and always good service and fast shipping and quality products.

Kaylin W.
Excellent vessel for Kombucha brewing

I bought this for the stainless steel spigot option. I love the vessel. Great shape, good size, looks great on my counter or in my fridge. Easy to clean. Also terrifying because I have a small sink and it's made of glass but what are you gonna do. 10/10 would recommend this vessel to you.