Premium Craft Brewery in a Box - Beer Making Starter Kit

  • Premium Craft Brewery in a Box - Beer Making Starter Kit
Premium Craft Brewery in a Box - Beer Making Starter Kit Siphonless 6.5 Gallon Big Mouth Bubbler Fermenter with harness 8-Gallon Megapot Brewing Kettle with Ball Valve

Premium Craft Brewery in a Box - Beer Making Starter Kit

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Beginner brewers looking to advance their skills usually upgrade their wort chiller, kettle or fermenters first. Don’t bother with the hassle of purchasing equipment piece by piece -- gather all the gear you need to level up your beer with our Premium Craft Brewery in a Box Homebrew Starter Kit. A savings of over $75.
  • Save an additional $20 by bundling your order with our Single Keg System which includes a 5 gallon keg, regulator, gas line, and liquid draft line.
  • You can also save an additional $10 by adding a Dark Star Burner to this kit.

Whether you’re curious about the craft or looking to upgrade your set up, our new Premium Craft Brewery in a Box contains all the homebrew equipment essentials. This is a kit stocked with high quality, top performing brew gear that assuredly guarantees an excellent homebrew experience every time. It features our heavy duty Megapot 1.2 with ball valve for full-volume boil capabilities, the Copperhead® Immersion Wort Chiller for rapid chilling, as well as our Siphonless Big Mouth Bubbler® & harness. Use it as a superior starter kit or a much needed upgrade -- our Premium Craft Brewery in a Box is a kit that won’t disappoint.

Beer Making Starter Kit includes:

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SKU 7636C
Yield 5 Gallons
Beer Style IPA (Fresh Squished), Brown Ale (Carbiou Slobber)
Fermentation Type Ale

Customer Reviews

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P M.
Premium Starter Kit

Original shipment was missing hydrometer & thermometer. I sent a text & they were nice about it, and shipped those with an new order, I had placed. They also threw in a pint glass for my troubles. Fast forward to prepping for bottling day. I realized that the bottle filler & tubing were also missing from the original shipment. Once again, they shipped those with another order I had placed.
Overall quality of the kit is good. The Caribou Slobber has been bottle conditioning for three weeks, and I'd have to say that it turned out pretty good. I think it will get better over time too.
I did have several bottles that were flat, and I am guessing that it was from operator error. Are there any tips to ensure a good seal when using the caps & capper that came with the kit?

Nowelle A.

It has everything my husband could drream of. Just a heads up if you get it as a Christmas present it's very hard to keep it hidden. The packages are huge!

The B.B.
Such an amazing kit!

Hands down one of the best kits I have used to date.

Growing up, I was always around beer - my father started as a homebrewer and then became a Master Brewer at a local micro-brewery here in CT. That said, I've always taken a liking in the art of brewing. This kit has everything you need and then some. It's expertly crafted and very durable. From the kettle to the bottling bucket, the Big Mouth Bubbler to the capper - everything is amazing, and I certainly would buy again if need be.


-Excellent Quality
-Clear instructions
-Great price
-Fantastic shipping
-Piece of mind knowing you have a solid setup


-Big Mouth Bubbler needs lots of tape to keep the top on
-The capper can be pretty painful after a while