Pinot Noir Wine Kit - RJS Grand Cru

  • RJS Grand Cru Pinot Noir Wine Kit
RJS Grand Cru Pinot Noir Wine Kit RJS Grand Cru Pinot Noir Wine Kit

Pinot Noir Wine Kit - RJS Grand Cru

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Product Details

This RJS Craft Winemaking Grand Cru Pinot Noir kit yields 6 gallons in just 4 weeks.
A rich red wine, hearty in nature and smooth in flavor from RJS Craft Winemaking Grand Cru collection. The soft texture and dark color complement the flavors of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone.

Category: Red
Size: 10L
Yield: 23L
Ready Time: 4 Weeks
Oak: 3
Body: 4
Sweetness: 0

Additional Information

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SKU 40012
Wine Color Red
Wine Style Pinot Noir
Includes Grape Skins No
Yield 6 Gallons
Oak Intensity Medium

Customer Reviews

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Classic Pinot Noir

I bulk aged this kit for 8 months in a glass carboy after fining and stabilizing. The wine came out fantastic with typical pinot noir characteristics with color, taste and aroma. Bulk aging made it seem like a more mature wine in comparison to other kits I have made in the past. Strawberry jam aroma and taste with a long finish that goes down smooth. Soft tannins from the dark fruit flavors this wine offers.


I bought this wine kit because it would turn out a little lighter than a cabernet and would be a good wine for the summer. I just bottled it today and it turned out to be a little sweeter then i was wanting but a few months of aging will improve this wine , over all i would recommend this wine kit

Wonderful and fruity

This is an excellent red with bold fruits. One of our favorite kit wines.

Wonderful wime

I have bought several RJS products over five years and have never been disappointed in any of them.

Surprisingly wonderful

First time we tried this kit. We made no adjustments; followed directions and bottled. Excellent wine. We even opened two bottles later the same day we bottled, and it was wonderful. It will be even better with some aging.