Sauvignon Blanc Alexander's Sun Country Concentrates

  • Sauvignon Blanc Alexander's Sun Country Concentrates

Sauvignon Blanc Alexander's Sun Country Concentrates

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This Sauvignon Blanc has a crisp, elegant, and fresh taste. This wine is very good in the warmer months because of its lighter body and refreshing flavor. This concentrated juice (68 Brix) will make an excellent wine on its own, or blend it with another fruit or Alexander's Concentrate for a truly unique wine. Other ingredients you will need: Campden Tablets, Yeast Nutrient, Bentonite, Wine Yeast, Acid Blend, and Sparkalloid or other clarifier. Use One 46 oz. can for 2.5 gallons.

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SKU 6107

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Inhave bought this product before and the quality of wine cocentratemare always very good. Iwill buy more from Midwest.

An Excellent Choice

Five gal of wine was made in February 2017 with Alexanders Sauvignon Blanc juice concentrate, using a procedure found at this website with some modifications.

As of June 2017, the wine has a very light yellow color in clear bottles, and is virtually water white in the glass.

Even though it’s only four months old, its clarity and taste is as good or better than that which I’ve purchased, or made myself six previous times over the past 11 years using alternate juice sources.

Based on this experience my future wine making will use this or other Alexanders juice concentrates most if not all the time.


Still waiting for the yeast to start. Thank you for address this

Spectacular Strawberry blend!

Used this this spring to make a strawberry SB. Bulk aging but already spectacular! Due to the golden nature of the SB the product is more a peach color, but already has a delightful strawberry luster taste. I use a full can with bountiful fresh berries in a 6 gallon batch. Really lovely so far. The final judgment is reserved until April 2014. So far, YUMMY!

works good done right

I thought it works best as a one gallon, the acidity turns out just fine just the way it is, with d47 i got a very nice wine..which is great because d47 works so good with honey ...i can add a touch of something...