Soda Making Equipment Kit

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  • Soda Making Equipment Kit

Soda Making Equipment Kit

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The Soda Making Equipment Kit includes everything you need to make and bottle your own homemade sodas. Midwest suggests using empty two liter soda bottles, or our 500ml P.E.T. bottles, as glass bottles run the risk of exploding under pressure.

Soda Making Equipment Kit Includes:

  • A 6.5 gallon bottling bucket

  • A 24" stirring spoon

  • 4 feet of tubing

  • A bottle filler

  • And complete instructions

You would also need a soda extract (not Sprecher's, a keg system is needed for those), honey and/or granulated sugar, champagne yeast, sanitizer, and empty two liter soda bottles, or our 500ml P.E.T. bottles, and caps.

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soda best

easy and fast was able to make 5 gallons of root beer in about two hours would have been faster but this was my first time so a lot of checking and making sure I was getting it right must have let bottles sit out for 48 hours and then refrigerated let things get cold in fridge for 24 hours and did a taste test boy what a difference from store bought best tasting root beer I have had in a long time a real long time cant keep vanilla ice cream in the house it goes so fast with root beer floats also made some cream soda out of the root beer best ever this kit was easy to put together and clean up was a snap afterwards the fill wand made filling bottles easy and simple did not go to fast or slow was able to see levels and keep it from over filling giving the proper air space for CO2 development the extracts are easy to use with good instructions over all a great setup


Works great how are you enjoying the $24.99 I spent on it?


Arrived quick with all parts included. Children are excited to start producing their own soda.


When it comes to filling my jars I always ended up with a huge mess, wishing I had four hands. Lets face it, holding the bottle and a funnel while trying to pour soda into the funnel will always equal a mess. Well not anymore. This little gem of a bucket Has now made filling my jars so easy and without the mess and loss of soda that never seemed to get into the jars. Yup, this ones a keeper.

Soda making made easy

All you need is included. I've made two sodas and it's much easier than brewing. You can reuse any soda bottle butt use Polyseal caps not the ones on the bottle.