Taprite CO2 Regulator with 1/4" MFL

  • Taprite CO2 Regulator with MFL Outlet

Taprite CO2 Regulator with 1/4" MFL

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This dual gauge CO2 regulator is a high performance Taprite regulator with 0-50 PSI range, 60lb & 2000lb gauges, tank fitting, high performance 1/4" MFL with shutoff and check valve, and a red easy adjustment cap. Robust design delivers performance and reliability. Extremely durable and user friendly polycarbonate bonnets make adjustments a snap! Pull cap to adjust the pressure and push back to lock it in. High CO2 volumetric flow provides continuity in product dispensing.

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SKU K423

Customer Reviews

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Regulator works well, but locking unit is actually a pain to use. It takes two hands to release the orange lock. Works just as well if don't push down the lock.

Do it Right the First Time

Do yourself a Big favor and buy a good regulator from the Start. Its worth the money every time!

Best single regulator

This is the regulator to buy for a single regulator. My suggestion is to buy this and add another regulator or two if you plan to have a kegerator. I have 3 regulators (added the 2 regulator to this) and plan to use it for soda, beer, and higher psi beer. Love having flexibility!_x000D_Hard to beat the quality of the tapright, priced higher but worth every penny.

Great adjustment cap

If you are going to start kegging, you need a regulator. _x000D__x000D_Sure, you can wander abandoned buildings, looking for old pepsi machines, full of hopes that you may find a old soda keg and regulator. But what is your best case scenerio? Say you DO find an old grimy regulator from the days of lore? Are you really going attach that to your beer that you worked so hard to create? Unless you are making a spider egg and tetanus stout, you might as well pass and make the small investment in this new clean regulator.

Awesome Adjusting

This regulator will dial in to fractions of an inch and pours very smooth. I struggled with a poor second-hand regulator for too long. I wish I had upgraded sooner.