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The Brew Belt is the perfect solution for those who need a little extra heat to keep your fermentation at a warm enough temperature. This simple unit produces 15 watts of heat right where you want it. Instead of having to raise the temperature of the room, just attach the Brew Belt, plug it in, and you are good to go. The Brew Belt raises the temp about 10° F from the room's ambient temperature. If you want to be more exact with the temperature, hook it up to one of our thermostat controllers.

Note: Will not fit 7.9 gallon fermenter that we carry. This unit is not designed for wet areas, carboys, or to be immersed in liquid.

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SKU 7054

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I love the belt! It warms perfectly and is very consistent, so I can trust that my brew is fermen...

Works amazing! I would probably get two of them to cover my 6.5 gallon bucket because it's winter here and the ground is a bit cooler so two would cover more area for what I'm fermenting. But it works fabulous and my brew is turning out wonderfully for my first time. Thank You!


My basement is 60 degrees. I used it on a 3 gal batch and leaving it plugged in 24/7 only raised maybe 2 degrees. So I am guess this belt will only work for the most part on 1 gal batches. 25 watts is not enough, waist of my money.

Good for Belgium beers in the basement.

I used this to get my beer temp above 70 degrees in my 68 degree basement. Worked great.

Great investment for the year round fermentor.

Really helps keep your temperature up on cool nights

Great Item

I haven't used as of yet. But will use on next vintage of Elderberry Wine. With the constant and even temperature, the vintage should improve a great deal. My wine cellar is under the house where the temp varies a great deal.