Ultraship 35 Digital Scale

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  • Ultraship 35 Digital Scale
Ultraship 35 Digital Scale Ultraship 35 Digital Scale Ultraship 35 Digital Scale Ultraship 35 Digital Scale

Ultraship 35 Digital Scale

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Measure weight accurately with the Ultraship 35* Digital Scale
This economical digital scale can weigh up to 35* lbs of grain or malt extract but is still precise enough to handle hops and specialty grains. Includes hold, tare, and autocalibrate functions and a detachable display. Features .1 oz resolution when weighing less than two lbs and .2 oz resolution when weighing more than two lbs. Measures in both g/kg and oz/lb units. Takes four D batteries, not included, or the optional power adapter. Weighing surface is approximately 8" by 6.25". *For a short period of time, a customer may receive the Ultraship 55 Scale en lieu of the Ultraship 35. The Ultraship 55 scale maxes out at 55lbs, and has the following resolution:Between 0 and 2 lbs resolution is 0.1oz. Between 2 and 55 lbs resolution is 0.5oz. The Ultraship 55 uses the same power adapter as the Ultraship 35.

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SKU 7473

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Quality Scale.

Works great for my use.

Resolution in grams Not what expected

It was kind of misleading that the resolution when measuring in grams was still 2 grams which is the same for kg. Using the gram scale seemed a better way to more accurately measure low weights (like a 1/4 oz of hops), but you still have to extrapolate. Generally speaking, it appears to be a very good, low cost, high-capacity scale. I will just need to purchase a higher resolution (.1 g / .01 oz ) scale for the low mass measurements.

Worked great!

I have used the Ultraship 35 for six all grain batches...used it for measuring grains for milling. Interesting feature is the square top of the scale fits just inside a standard sized bucket and keeps it from sliding off...who knew? Although the front is designed so it can separate from the main base, I did not need to do this to easily read the scale while weighing out grain in the bucket. I would recommend this scale.


Good scale for the price - would recommend to anyone looking for a small grain scale. I guess could also be used for other means as other assesories are included with it as well.

By far the best scale I've owned

I've had several digital scales previous to this purchase and had run into issues with those (i.e. inability to zero the scale, difficult to clean, battery only) that this model completely has fixed. The plate is simple to remove for washing and the scale has a zero function as well as one of the largest weight allowances I've seen. It's accurate and I absolutely love the fact you can use a plug vs batteries since I've been in a situation with dead batteries and no replacements (I think we all have at some point) which is just very frustrating. Now all I have to do is plug it in! Like the different attachments also for weighing if you don't need flat surface (they're genius) and I've already made use of them all. Can't think of a single negative on this purchase at all.