Ultratap Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Tap Faucet

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Ultratap Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Tap Faucet

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UltraTap: No sticking. No turbulence. Just perfect pours, every time.

From the inventor of the original Intertap comes Ultratap: the very latest in forward-sealing, laminar flow faucets.
When serving up a perfect pint, your faucet makes all the difference: the speed of the pour, the fragrant collar of foam. Standard back-sealing faucets stick and corrode over time, which ruins the pour, and thus the overall drinking experience…before it’s even begun.

Ratchet up the anticipation. Ultratap’s patented, laser-precision manufacturing techniques ensure the best pour on the market. This newly-engineered, forward-sealing faucet keeps your beer fresher and won’t leave a residue on the inside of the tap. The unique internal design, featuring ultra smooth surfaces and a perfectly-honed horizontal piston, minimizes micro eddies in the liquid’s flow and prevents uneven wear and tear on internal o-rings.

Strength in simplicity. Solid stainless steel construction. Fewer parts than other forward-sealing faucets.

Includes black economy tap handle

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Pours great even when it's closed!
Buy this if you're looking to have beer dispensed all over your floor and an empty CO2 tank to boot!
This has happened to me twice. I've never had this problem with my Perlick or Intertap faucets.