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 Where do your recipes come from?

Where do your recipes come from?

Midwest Supplies has developed our recipes based on years of our employees' input. Even today, we have employees making their own beers that they bring in for us to try. If we feel the beer is good, and different from our other kits, then we make them available to the public. This allows us to keep expanding our already large amount of kits available, but also allows us to keep up with modern styles of beer. Here at Midwest, we are continuously experimenting with new ingredients to make the best kits available.

We strive to make a wide range of kits available, but are not able to recreate every beer that has ever been made. The internet is a great source to find recipes for most beers out there. Type in "your favorite beer" recipe in a search engine and you should be able to find something close. Another way is to know what type or features of beer that you really like. For example, "Boulevard Wheat" is an unfiltered, bottle conditioned wheat beer. Try out our Hank's Hefeweisen kit, and see what you think. Our kit can be even a better flavor than Boulevard's, or maybe you want to alter our kit to be closer to theirs. That is the beauty of home brewing, you can change whatever ingredients you want.

All of our kits come complete with all the ingredients necessary, down to the priming sugar. This includes; malt extract (liquid in most cases), specialty grains (if appropriate), hops, yeast (usually dried but all kits can be upgraded to liquid for a few dollars more), a muslin bag, priming sugar, and detailed instructions.

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