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My name is Tim Vandergrift, and I’m unbelievably excited to share the news about my partnership with Midwest Supplies!

First, the news: we’re developing a line of consumer winemaking equipment and kits for release this year. You’ll be able to make wine in clear, easy-to-execute steps—and not just any wine, great wine! And you’ll have the flexibility to build a cellar any way you want. We’ll be announcing the products when they’re ready for release, so I can’t spill all the beans yet, as much as I’d like to share Right! This! Minute!

If you’re not familiar with me, I’ve been in the wine industry for over twenty-five years. I’m an authority on consumer-produced alcohol beverages (what most folks refer to as “homemade”) including wine, beer, mead, and sake. For more than two decades, I helmed the Technical Services departments for first one and then the other of the world’s largest consumer beverage companies (RJ Spagnol’s, a division of Constellation Brands, and Global Vintners, a division of Andrew Peller Ltd.).

“Technical Services” makes it sound like I was in IT, but it was the only title that really fit the job I did. I developed products and technologies for the industry, and I talked, lectured, and wrote about wine and beermaking, wine, kit wine technology and applications, and anything else that people were willing to sit still and listen to. I also helped design and set up homebrew shops and On-Premise operations across Canada and the USA.

During that time, I grew more and more impressed with the ingenuity and dedication of the people who make wine. I’ve met tens of thousands of home wine and beermakers, and every last one of them was generous, happy, and ready to share their best brews with anyone who was willing to taste.

Now I’m honored to partner with the largest consumer beverage retailer in the world. What’s best about it is how enthusiastic and affirming everyone has been about the project. I’ve met five or six hundred Midwest Supplies customers in person over the last ten years, and if they’re any indication, we’re going to have a great time together, making wine and enjoying it.

In my spare time, I’m a certified beer judge, an all-grain brewer, and a whisky connoisseur. I also make my own sausage, sauerkraut, kimchi, bread, and smoked and preserved meats, and I plant and maintain a massive garden and try to keep up at www.timvandergrift.com, as well as on my Facebook page and Twitter feed (@winexpertTim). Really, it’s a wonder I have any time to work.

Keep watching this space; we’ll be doing promotions and making videos about the new products and winemaking in general.


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