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Tim Vandergrift Winemaker and Master Vintner

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My Winemaking Philosophy

First, great wine is made in the vineyard, not in a winery or a lab. You have to start with well-chosen, perfectly ripe grapes grown in good terroir at their peak of freshness and handled gently to crush and press. You can make single varietal or blends, but always with an eye to the best results.

After that, it’s important to make the wine with minimal intervention--scrupulous cleanliness, careful yeast choice, good racking and fining techniques are important, but always do the absolute minimum to achieve your goals, and allow the wine to make itself, to preserve and enhance its quality.

Well chosen élevage techniques such as ageing with oak can add a layer of complexity and depth, but the single most important additive you can use in winemaking is time--time for the wine to age, mature and show it’s hidden poetry, subtlety and power.

I only have one other important philosophical stance: sharing wine increases the enjoyment, and there is nothing as civilized, as charming and as satisfying as pouring a bottle among friends and family, gathered together.


Tim Vandergrift - Unlocking the secrets of winetasting


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