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 What are Clone Kits?

What are Clone Kits?

Clone kits are replicas of commercial beers. Midwest Supplies offers several different types of clone kits that are designed to taste just like their commercial brothers. Additionally, our forums and the internet at large are great resources for recipes of all types, including clone recipes. A quick internet search for your favorite beer, type in recipe after it, and you should pull up several recipes for you to use. Clones are a good way to make a beer that you are familiar with so you feel comfortable with what you are making. Alternatively, producing a clone kit can allow you to see how your brewing stacks up against a commercial brewer.

While clone recipes are a good way to get exactly the taste you're looking for in a beer, having an exact clone isn't always necessary. Often it isn't that a person wants a clone of a beer, but rather something in that style of beer. As long as you know the style, we probably have a kit that you would like. For example, let's say you really like Boulevard Wheat (an unfiltered, bottle conditioned wheat beer). We do not have a clone of that beer, but our Hanks Hefeweisen kit shares many of the same qualities. You might find you like our kit better and, if not, you can always customize the recipe to your liking.

Midwest Supplies offers a diverse array of beer recipe kits as well as a complete selection of ingredient needed to design and brew your own recipes. One of the great things home brewing is that you can make any beer that you can imagine. Experimenting with the grains and hops will change the overall flavor of the beer and allow you to build your expertise as a brewer. Don't be afraid to try something new.

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