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 What equipment do I need to make wine from fruit?

What equipment do I need to make wine from fruit?

The equipment needed to make wine from fruit is very similar to the equipment that you need to make wine from concentrate, so if you already have that equipment you will need very little else. We’ll give you a complete list of equipment that you need if you are starting from scratch. But, keep in mind that Midwest Supplies offers equipment kits and add-on equipment kits that are already prepackaged may contain just the items you need to get started.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing what equipment you need is the amount of fruit you have. It is important that once the wine is in secondary, and the metabisulphite has been added, that you do not have more than 2-3” of head space. It takes roughly 4-6 pounds of fruit per gallon to make wine from fruit. If you are limited in the amount of fruit you have access to, make sure that you buy the correct size equipment. For example, if you only expect to have 20 pounds of apples, then you should consider buying a 3 gallon carboy kit.

Here is a checklist of everything you will need to make wine from fruit:

*Size is determined by how much fruit you have available.

As for the ingredients, they will vary depending on the type of fruit you’re using. Our PDF Library has instructions on making wine from several different kinds of fruit. A press and crusher are not absolutely necessary for smaller batches of wine, but they are very helpful if you plan on making 6 or more gallons of wine at time because a press and crusher will speed up the process of extracting the juice from the fruit.

If you’re on a tight budget, take a look at our PDF titled “I don’t want to invest in expensive equipment. Is there cheaper equipment available to make a small batch of fruit wine?” There are some good hints for extracting the juice using household items instead of a press or crusher. But remember, these suggestions are for 1 – 3 gallon batches of wine and can get very tiring and old for amounts larger.

A hydrometer is a must for making wine from fruit because a hydrometer is the only way to accurately know how much sugar to add to the wine. If you don’t have one, pick up a hydrometer test jar or Wine Thief as well to make taking readings easier.

Midwest Fruit Wine Equipment Kits

We have quite a few options available for the aspiring fruit wine maker. You should be able to find an option that fits in with the equipment you already have, or a complete kit if you’re starting from scratch. Midwest Fruit Winemaking Equipment Kits

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