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 What is batch sparging? Is it better than fly sparging?

What is batch sparging? Is it better than fly sparging?

This is a debate that has been going on among all-grain brewers for a while now. Which is the better method? How do you perform a batch sparge? What are the pros and cons? We will be answering all of these questions. As with any process in brewing, your choice is your own. We suggest trying both metods to see which one you prefer.

What is sparging?

Sparging is the stage in the process when you are rinsing all of the converted sugars off of the grain bed and into your brew kettle. The fly sparging method is tried and true and has been used for centuries. This method involves some kind of sparging device that will allow you to slowly add water above the grain bed while simultaneously draining an equal amount of wort into your kettle. While it is an efficient, time-tested method, it is very time consuming for the home brewer.

Batch sparging provides a way for the brewer to cut quite a bit of time out of the process. You will lose a little efficiency, but since grain is so cheap (less than 2 bucks a pound), this is easily remedied by adding another 10-15% base malt to your grain bill. Batch sparging also does not require any additional equipment to perform.

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