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 Where should I plant a Rhizome?

Where should I plant a Rhizome?

You'll want to survey your growing area and check for a few basic things.

  • First be aware of your vertical surroundings. Do not grow them up electrical poles. Allow more than 10' of vertical growth to ensure a well spaced vine. Hop vines can grow up to 25 ft. (at 1-2 feet per week) in a single season! Less than 10' may result in bunched shoots that make them susceptible to mildew. Be sure to keep an eye on your hops and keep them properly trained.
  • Plant like varieties together and space these 3' apart. Space out unlike varieties to at least 5' apart. Crowded vines are less productive and susceptible to infestation and mildew.
  • Also, hops should not be grown inside. Their roots need too much room to spread out, and a container is just not large enough to support the growth. These are not small plants when they grow.
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