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Shiraz & Syrah

Shiraz and Syrah wines are dark, rich, and full-bodied but not as tannic as Cabernet or Malbec. Wild black fruit, blackberry, blueberry, black currant and hints of black pepper spiciness are backed up by savory notes and undertones of blackberry jam.

Rich and full enough for grilled Porterhouse, wild game (especially venison) and deep rich stews--very good with Hungarian goulash.

Learn more about Shiraz in this article from Tim Vandergrift.

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  1. Island Mist Apple Berry Syrah

    Aromatic and fresh, Apple Berry Syrah's mouthwatering flavors of juicy apple, succulent strawberry, plump blueberries and ripe raspberries will give you that fresh-from-the-fruit-stand feeling all year long. Sip slightly chilled, or enjoy over ice topped with sparkling water for a refreshing summer spritzer that’s always in season. Learn More
  2. RQ20 The Darb - Argentina Bonarda Syrah Limited Release Bottle
    Will Ship in Late January to February 2020

    The Darb - A Perfect Blend The Darb - “A great person or thing” Toast to the perfection of The Darb’s magnificent character, style and substance when you share the finery of this 2020 vintage. Subtle tannins and rich sophistication mingle throughout this gently layered Bonarda Syrah, truly marking it as the perfect blend. Learn More
  3. RQ20 The Cat’s Meow - Australian Pinot Noir Shiraz Wine Kit Limited Release Bottle
    Will Ship in Late March to April 2020

    The Cat’s Meow - A Magnificent Maven The Cat’s Meow - the best - or - the cream at the top This magnificent vintage is the best of a Pinot Noir Shiraz. Discover heady spices in the layered, juicy nuances of this expertly blended wine. And raise a glass to the maven blend that celebrates all your glorious traditions and milestones. The Cat’s Meow: another crème de la crème of RQ’s 2020 premium collection. Learn More
  4. California Cabernet Syrah Zinfandel – RJS Cru Select

    Discover this crowd pleasing red wine, ready in just 6 weeks. Learn More
  5. Island Mist Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz Kit

    Just in time for summer. Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz has candied strawberry and watermelon aromas; light body, and the medium sweet flavour of refreshing strawberry and watermelon. Learn More
  6. RJS Cru International California Syrah Wine Kit

    Raspberries and peppery spice blend in harmony to create an elegant flavour. Full-bodied in character, the GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins with an American and French oak blend deliver soft, balanced tannins and a lingering, smooth finish. Learn More
  7. RJS Cru International Argentina Malbec Syrah Wine Kit

    Malbec and Syrah are blended to create a wine with aromas of toast while fermentation on GenuWine Winery Dried Grape Skins adds hints of cherry and dark fruit to the palate. Learn More
  8. RJS Grand Cru - Shiraz

    Well-balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, plums and toasted oak. A favorite dinner companion, the palate features chewy tannins that lead up to an elegant finish. Learn More
  9. Shiraz - Master Vintner™ Winemaker's Reserve™

    Master Vintner™ Shiraz makes 6 gallons of earthy, rich, velvety red wine with flavors of black fruits hints of bittersweet chocolate, plums, black cherries and blackberries that linger on to a long finish. Learn More
  10. Australian Shiraz - RJS En Primeur Winery Series

    This medium-bodied wine features Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and untoasted American oak shavings. Warm black fruit and berries entice the nose, while concentrated flavours of red fruit, oak and chocolate round out the experience. Learn More
  11. Australian Shiraz Wine Kit - RJS Cru Select

    This full-bodied red wine is deep and dark in colour with a rich bouquet of fruit and a hint of cassis. It ages gracefully into a velvety wine of pure elegance. Learn More
  12. Australian Cabernet Shiraz Merlot Wine Kit - RJS Cru Select

    The spicy flavour from Cabernet, sweet berry fruit of Shiraz and softening effects of Merlot result in a hearty, tightly structured and well-balanced wine. Aromas of leather and black pepper give way to intense jammy flavours of blackberries and ends with an elegant and long finish Learn More
  13. Island Mist Raspberry Dragonfruit Shiraz Kit

    This blush wine has been given some fire of excitement with the addition of sweet dragonfruit then gently splashed with tangy cool raspberries. Light the grill and sear some spicy shrimp skewers, or prepare some Thai green curry cuisine for a night of fire and flare. Learn More

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