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Add-On and Upgrade Kits

Improve your wine making setup with these upgrades and add on kits. Use your starter kit with these add-ons to make truly remarkable wine.

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  1. Brewery Essentials: Herculometer™ Advanced Gravity Testing Kit

    When you need to need to know! And when it comes to homebrewing and winemaking, tracking your progress down to the very smallest detail can mean the difference between a good batch and a great one. The Brewery Essentials Herculometer™ Advanced Gravity Test kit has it all...Power. Precision. Perfection. Each virtually indestructible hydrometer is forged from rugged polycarbonate plastic, so you won’t have to worry about your hydrometers breaking right when you need to take a reading. Plus, we've divided the scale into thirds and increased the range on each hydrometer, so you can get the most precise readings possible. It's easier than ever to gauge the exact specific gravity of your beer, wine, cider, or mead, from a high gravity of 1.130 all the way down to a finishing 0.980. SAVE $24.97 by buying as a bundle! Power. Precision. Perfection...all rolled up in The Brewery Essentials Herculometer™ Advanced Gravity Test Kit. Learn More
  2. Burgundy with Gold Grapes PVC Capsules - 62 ct.

    Burgundy with Gold Grapes PVC Foil Capsules give your wine bottles a clean, professional look. These capsules will shrink when you dip them in boiling water, hold them over the steam of a tea kettle, or blow on them with a hair dryer. Learn More
  3. Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter

    Regular Price: $209.99

    Special Price $169.99

    Save $40 on a Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filtering System and get a free set of filter pads with promo code CLEARWINE. Offer valid online and in store, through 11:59 pm CST on 7/23/2019, while supplies last. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or discounts. For the first time, the Mini-Jet has a self-priming pump—turn it on and it will draw liquid from your carboy or fermenter directly into the pump and through the filter pads, with no siphoning, no fussing around, and no mess! You get brilliantly polished wine in only minutes, and you never have to worry about stopping and starting the filter if you need to: turn it back on and it simply starts where it left off! You can bottle your clear wine with the happy knowledge that it will be stable in the bottle and look great for years to come. Learn More
  4. Blue with Gold Grapes PVC Capsules - 62 ct.

    Blue with Gold Grapes PVC Foil Capsules give your wine bottles a clean, professional look. These capsules will shrink when you dip them in boiling water, hold them over the steam of a tea kettle, or blow on them with a hair dryer. Learn More
  5. Super Transfer Pump with Pre-Filter

    The Super Transfer Pump with Pre-Filter is a self-priming pump with an automatic shutoff switch as 45 psi. It makes transferring your wine a breeze because it does all the work for you. 1/2" tubing or softened 7/16" tubing are the best fit for use with this unit. Learn More
  6. Natural Born Cleaner - Complete Carboy, Keg, and Brewery Cleaning Kit

    To some people cleaning is a chore, but to others it’s therapeutic. A brewer is a Natural Born Cleaner, for they know that to make the best beer possible, you need the cleanest equipment possible. The Natural Born Cleaner Kit is chock full of our Brewmasters’ favorite tools to get the deepest clean possible. Whether you’re cleaning your carboy, kettle, or keg, we’ve got you covered. Make great beer, be a Natural Born Cleaner. Save over $50 when bundled together.
    Learn More
  7. 45 Bottle Drying Tree- Econo

    Make bottling a cinch with this 45-bottle tree that's compact and ideal for drying bottles after using a jet washer. This efficient design drains water into a bottom tray and provides a handy place to hold bottles for your next brew session. Learn More
  8. Herculometer Precision Scale 1.060-1.130

    At last, a hydrometer that can withstand the toughest brew days and provide hyper-accurate readings for your brews! We’ve combined rugged polycarbonate plastic and the accuracy of a precision hydrometer to bring you the Herculometer™ - Precision hydrometer. The 1.060 to 1.130 is a great range for measuring O.G. for high gravity beer, cider, mead, and wine or for testing your Brewhouse Effeciency with the Herculometer™. Learn More
  9. 90 Bottle Drying Tree

    This bottle tree simplifies the bottling process. When you drain a bottle of your beer or wine, rinse it out and put it on this rack. Keeps bottles inverted so that they will drain completely into the tray at the bottom of the unit. Find our full line of Empty Bottles for Sale here. Learn More
  10. Master Vintner® Excalibur Infuser

    Now, you have the POWER! With the Excalibur Stainless Steel Wine Infuser at your side, you wield the magic to infuse your homemade wine with an incredible array of complex flavors. Easily, with no mess or fuss. Forged in the depths of Master Vintner's wine workshop, the Excalibur Infuser™ features 16 inches of gleaming, perforated stainless steel capped with an adaptable silicone stopper drilled to hold an air lock. Simply load Excalibur with your favorite flavoring elements -- anything from fresh fruit to aged oak and beyond -- and plunge it into your carboy or Big Mouth Bubbler® to transform the flavors of your wine while it ferments. With Excalibur, flavor is king and limited only by your imagination. Long may you reign! *The Excalibur is too tall to fit into a 3 Gallon glass carboy. Learn More
  11. Glass Tilt Decanter
  12. FastWasher12 Bottle Washer hero

    From: $54.99

    To: $73.97

    No doubt about it...Filling bottles: Fun. Emptying them: Even more fun. Cleaning and sanitizing bottles for your next batch of wine or homebrew: No fun at all. Until now, that is. Introducing the FastWasher12 -- the hands-free, high-capacity bottle cleaner and sanitizer that will change your bottling game forever. Simply load 12 bottles onto the durable, brewer-designed rack, then turn on the washer and let the powerful pumps do all the hard work. No scrubbing. No nonsense. No mountain of empties to wash and sanitize by hand ever again! Learn More

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