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Primary Wine Fermenters

Plastic fermenters are light, easy to clean, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From 7.9 gallon plastic bucket fermenters to 5 and 6.5 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler carboys all the way to the Catalyst conical fermenter. We have the plastic fermenter you are looking for. And of course, all of our plastic fermenters are made with 100% food grade plastic.

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  1. Lid for 20 Gallon Plastic Fermentor
  2. Solid Lid for 10 Gallon Plastic Fermentor

    Looking for the lid for our 10 gallon plastic fermenter? This is it. This is a solid lid so it does not have a hole drilled for a stopper and airlock. Learn More
  3. Pail Opening Tool
  4. Plastic Lid for 7.9 gallon Fermenter - Drilled

    This 7.9 gallon plastic lid is pre-drilled and comes with a rubber grommet to install your airlock. Come with a rubber seal for a tight fit. This is the replacement lid for our 7.9 gallon fermentor. Learn More
  5. Lid and Sealing Ring for 16.5 g Plastic Fermenter

    This is the lid and sealing ring that you need for our 16.5 gallon plastic fermenter. This setup gives your large volume fermenter a watertight seal. Learn More
  6. LID for 2 Gallon Plastic Fermentor - Drilled
  7. Master Vintner® 2 Gallon Bucket

    From: $8.99

    To: $13.38

    The Master Vintner™ 2 Gallon Bucket is perfect fermentation vessel for your next small batch of handcrafted vintage or fresh-harvested fruit wine. Learn More
  8. 20 Gallon Plastic fermentor with lid

    Do you have a large batch of wine or beer to make? This 20 gallon fermentor can handle 17 gallons at one time. Learn More
  9. 20 Gallon Plastic Fermentor (No lid)

    Out of stock

    20 Gallon Fermentor for Large Wine Making Fermentation Learn More
  10. Solid plastic lid for 6.5 Gallon fermentor - Red

    This lid fits our 6.5 gallon plastic fermenter. It does not have a hole drilled for a rubber grommet or stopper. Learn More
  11. 16.5 Gallon Plastic fermentor

    This heavy duty, large volume fermenter is large enough to ferment batches up to 15 gallons. Handles make it easier to lift, although trying to lift this fermenter when full is not recommended. Learn More
  12. Drilled Plastic Lid for 6.5 Gallon Fermenter
  13. 6.5 Gallon plastic fermenter with lid

    This is the 6.5 gallon brew bucket fermenter that comes standard in all of our homebrewing equipment kits. Gallons are marked on the side of this food grade fermenter to make it easy to know how much liquid is in the fermenter. Learn More
  14. 6.5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter WITHOUT Lid

    This is the 6.5 gallon fermenter that comes with all of our homebrewing equipment kits, except this fermenter does NOT come with a lid. Learn More
  15. Master Vintner® 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket

    These large 7.9 gallon food grade plastic fermentation buckets are printed with Master Vintner® logo and volume graduations. Ideal for primary fermentation of all wine kits, including those with grape packs. 13.5" diameter, 15" tall. Learn More
  16. Big Mouth Bubbler 5 Gallon Plastic Fermenter with Harness

    From: $38.99

    To: $122.71

    The revolutionary Big Mouth Bubbler® Plastic is a virtually indestructible fermentor, equipped with 3” thick anti-flex ribs, a punted bottom and decreased base diameter for extreme strength and durability. Its smaller footprint preserves precious brew cave space and allows for convenient storage inside a standard brewing bucket. Now Including our Universal Harness for lifting, transporting and ensuring your Big Mouth Bubbler lid stays in place during even the most intense fermentations. Learn More

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