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Wine Making Supplies & Equipment

Wine Equipment

We're your one stop homemade wine supply store. From wine making kits to ready to fill oak barrels, we have all the wine making supplies to make a personal vintage you can be proud of. Our wine making starter kits were designed to work with standard 6 gallon wine kits, but they can also be used to make wine from fruit using special strains of wine yeast. We also carry wine testing equipment, offer wine bottles for sale, wine bottling accessories, wine filters, and sanitizers and cleaners to keep your equipment clean and germ free.

Looking for beer supplies, check out our brew supply section.

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  1. Master Vintner® Wine Making Starter Kit - with Fermenter and Secondary

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price $103.98

    Announcing a partnership of epic proportions—Master Vintner® and winemaking authority Tim Vandergrift have combined forces to bring you the ultimate winemaking starter kit. The Master Vintner® Wine Starter Kit is the most comprehensive winemaking starter kit on the planet—equipped with all the tools you need to make top-quality wine in a fraction of the time. The crystal-clear Big Mouth Bubbler® PET Fermentor instantly shows you how your primary fermentation is progressing. Graduated gallon markings give you accurate volumes without ever taking a measurement. The ported lid, sized to fit all your tools, lets you test, transfer and taste your wine during primary without removing the lid. A convenient punted bottom ensures you transfer clear wine from the get-go so you don’t have to fuss over clarifying later. Please note: when making 6 gallon kits that include wine skins, a larger fermentor must be used, such as the 7.9 gallon wine fermentor. Find our full line of Wine Making equipment here. Learn More
  2. Master Vintner 3 gal Fruit Winemaking Kit

    Regular Price: $129.99

    Special Price $103.98

    The first all-in-one fruit winemaking kit, perfect for producing 3 gallons of one-of-a-kind wine. Harvest your garden bounty, buy out the farmer’s market or even make wine from our bases and purees, everything you need to get the job done! If you thought wine was all about the grape, think again—the list of fruits you can use to create wine is endless. Making homemade fruit wine is simple, enjoyable and requires very little time. You can easily craft colorful additions to any wine rack. Best of all, fruit wine matures faster than grape wine so you can enjoy exotic flavors in a fraction of the time. Learn More
  3. Weekday Wine Making Starter Kit - Master Vintner®
    Your life moves pretty fast. So we worked hard to make Weekday Wine simple…Simple to create using our no-stress wine making starter Kit, and ridiculously easy to enjoy any day and any time that goes better with wine. And it’s a good thing the Weekday Wine Making Starter Kit is so simple to use. The Weekday Wine Starter Kit supplies all the fermenting equipment you need to make wine that’s perfect for pouring, any day of the week. Best of all we include your choice of wine recipe kit. Choose between the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Life is complex. Weekday Wine is simple. Kit Includes
    • Master Vintner™ 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket x2
    • Drilled Lid for Fermenting Buckets
    • Auto Siphon for Transferring
    • Spring Tip Bottle Filler with Tubing
    • Herculometer™
    • Master Vintner™ Mini Corker and Corks
    • One Step - 8 oz.
    • Sodium Metabisulfite - 50g
    • Weekday Wine Recipe Kit : Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon
    • Bottles are not Included, You will need 30 bottles
    Learn More
  4. Master Vintner® Fresh Harvest™ Fruit Winemaking Kit

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $39.98

    Making homemade fruit wine with Fresh Harvest® is simple, enjoyable and requires very little time. Master Vintner quick tips make learning clear and fun. With a bookful of exciting recipes, you can easily craft colorful additions to any wine rack. Best of all, fruit wine matures faster than grape wine so you can enjoy exotic flavors in a fraction of the time. Learn More
  5. Master Vintner® Small Batch Wine Starter Kit

    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price $63.99

    Make wine at home!

    Great things come in small packages. Without experience or anything but a passion for wine, you can make your own top notch, cellar-worthy wine in your kitchen. Master Vintner® combines essential equipment that’s easy to use with expert instruction that’s easy to follow. You’ll walk through the essentials of the wine making process with exclusive techniques from world-class winemaker Tim Vandergrift. Learn More
  6. Sovereign Stainless Steel Fermentor

    Say goodbye to buckets and other inferior fermentors that are almost impossible to properly clean and sanitize. Introducing the Sovereign™ Stainless Steel Fermentor. Boasting total volume of 8.4 gallons, this fermentor has enough space to contain even the most vigorous fermentations. Learn More
  7. Anti-gravity Transfer Pump

    Transfer from primary to secondary, conical to keg, carboy to barrel, wine or beer… the possibilities are endless! Learn More
  8. Big Mouth Bubbler 6.5 Gallon Glass Fermenter with Harness

    From: $69.99

    To: $82.95

    Big Mouth Bubbler® EVO 2 - 6.5 Gallon Fermentor is a revolution in homebrewing! Now Including our Universal Harness for lifting, transporting and ensuring your Big Mouth Bubbler lid stays in place during even the most intense fermentations. Learn More
  9. FastWasher12 Bottle Washer hero

    From: $54.99

    To: $73.97

    No doubt about it...Filling bottles: Fun. Emptying them: Even more fun. Cleaning and sanitizing bottles for your next batch of wine or homebrew: No fun at all. Until now, that is. Introducing the FastWasher12 -- the hands-free, high-capacity bottle cleaner and sanitizer that will change your bottling game forever. Simply load 12 bottles onto the durable, brewer-designed rack, then turn on the washer and let the powerful pumps do all the hard work. No scrubbing. No nonsense. No mountain of empties to wash and sanitize by hand ever again! Learn More
  10. Italian Floor Corker

    The Italian Floor Corker is the Cadillac of corkers. This corker is very similar to the Portuguese corker, but with some upgrades. It is equipped with a brass iris compression fitting instead of plastic. A long handle gives you plenty of leverage and the corks go in effortlessly. This corker is very easy to use, and will last any hobby vintner a lifetime. Learn More
  11. Floor Corking Machine

    Cork your delicious bottles of wine with the sturdy appeal of this Floor Corking Machine. Corks are sure to have an airtight seal using the easy-to-lower corking arm with adjustable plunger depth. Learn More
  12. Anti-gravity Transfer Pump Kit

    Transfer from primary to secondary, conical to keg, carboy to barrel - the possibilities are endless! Learn More
  13. 750 ml Clear Glass Claret/Bordeaux Wine Bottles, 12 per case

    Bottle and present your treasured wine creations in our Clear Glass Claret/Bordeaux Bottles. This classic-styled, clear wine bottle is ideal for lighter wines like whites, rose-style and meads, or any wine that tends to be refrigerated and kept out of sunlight. Learn More
  14. Buon Vino Mini Jet Wine Filter

    For the first time, the Mini-Jet has a self-priming pump—turn it on and it will draw liquid from your carboy or fermenter directly into the pump and through the filter pads, with no siphoning, no fussing around, and no mess! You get brilliantly polished wine in only minutes, and you never have to worry about stopping and starting the filter if you need to: turn it back on and it simply starts where it left off! You can bottle your clear wine with the happy knowledge that it will be stable in the bottle and look great for years to come. Learn More
  15. 750 ml Green Claret/Bordeaux Bottles, 12 per case

    These green wine bottles are a classic. You’ll want plenty for bottling up your homemade red wines. 12 Wine Bottles Per Case. Learn More
  16. Mast Vintner Wine Fermenting Bucket with Lid

    The Master Vintner 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket is the perfect primary fermentor for making wine, mead or cider. The additional head space you get from this fermentor makes for healthier yeast, a stronger fermentation, and ultimately a better beverage. Volume graduation marks are printed on the exterior of the vessel for simplified measuring, and the lid comes with a rubber grommet to help hold your airlock securely in place. NOTE: This fermenter is particularly important if you're making a Master Vintner wine recipe kit with skins due to the additional space the skins take up. Learn More

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