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French Oak Cubes - Medium Toast


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Barrels used to be the home winemakers only choice for imparting oak flavor in their wines. These high quality oak cubes allow you to achieve the same quality of oak flavor that you taste in good wines. These are the same cubes used by many wineries in Napa Valley. Oak staves (the wooden strips that oak barrels are constructed of) are air dried for two to three years, then traditionally fire-toasted and cubed. Since three varieties are available, you are able to blend different levels of toast to achieve different effects. While the heavy-toast cubes are recommended for big reds that benefit from a heavy, caramelized oak flavor, they may also be used to supplement the medium-toast cubes for a more subtle flavoring. Many of our customers use a blend of French and American cubes, usually using the French cubes in a higher percentage. We have had success blending all three oaks, again using the French in the highest percentage.

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Great Flavor and Aroma Review by Adam

(Posted on 12/31/13)

Product Rating:

I don't mess with soaking these in spirits as others do. I divvy them up into 2-3 oz portions and then put them through a pressure canner for 15 minutes with a touch of water. This way I can store them "ready to pitch" and just toss them in when I need them.

Great for an Imperial Stout Review by BierGut

(Posted on 11/6/13)

Product Rating:

A little on the pricey side so I purchased only 3 oz., soaked them in my favorite bourbon for a few weeks along with a vanilla bean and then added them into the secondary with an Imperial Stout. Aged for months then bottled. This beer has an amazing oaked quality to it. I highly recommend this for any porter or stout that you're looking to give that oak barrel dimension to.

oak cubes Review by monkey

(Posted on 6/11/13)

Product Rating:

I like the flavor that these impart into beer. I like cube because you can easily measure them to get the perfect amount.

Very good Review by Lena

(Posted on 12/14/12)

Product Rating:

I used these in a porter, to add the aura of being aged in oak.
Came out great. They have a vanilla like aroma and a good oak taste,

Excellent Flavor Review by Tim

(Posted on 12/10/12)

Product Rating:

I used these to age a Shiraz on and they worked very well. It takes a little longer when using cubes as compared to chips, but these lent a very smooth vanilla note to the final product. Definitely worth the extra time.

Great Flavor Review by Matthew

(Posted on 12/6/12)

Product Rating:

Adding oak chips to a beer can add great variation and complexity of flavor. I soaked these chips in bourbon for a few weeks before I added them to a RyePA. It was great.

Best way to get OAK in your beer Review by Christopher

(Posted on 10/2/12)

Product Rating:

This is my favorite kind of oak to use when I try to get OAK flavor in my beer. I used this on a Scottish ale that I made I took half of the package soaked the chips in Black Label for a week then strained the chips from the wiskey, and then threw them into my secondary. Came out just like the beer was aged in an OAK wiskey barrel. I highly recomend this type of OAK to anyone trying to do this.

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French Oak Cubes - Medium Toast

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