Fermentation Equipment

Welcome to the Fermentation Equipment page! When it comes to primary beer fermentation, most of us will use a standard food grade plastic bucket. They're simple, cheap, easy to clean, and they work great. Some folks like to ferment in a 6.5 gallon glass carboy, so you can watch your beer ferment. For a secondary fermentation vessel, you'll need another carboy that is the same volume as your batch of beer or wine to minimize head space and oxidation.

There is great debate between the glass carboy and the plastic carboy. Plastic is much lighter, doesn't shatter, and has a larger mouth opening for cleaning. The major drawback of plastic carboys is that they will scratch easier. Glass carboys and fermentors are more durable, but they are heavy and can shatter. Both glass and plastic fermentors work well and, as far as your beer is concerned, there is no real difference. For the latest in both glass and plastic fermentors, check out the Big Mouth Bubbler®.

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