Kegerators & Keezers

Setting up your own kegerator or keezer may be easier than you think. Design a system that works for you and you'll reap the rewards for pints to come!

1. Figure out how many kegs you want to have on tap.

2. Select a chest freezer that can hold that many kegs (a ball lock keg is roughly 9 inches wide and 24 inches tall).

3. Add liquid lines for each keg. Our Draft Brewer® Cold Crash™ Keezer Kit makes that easy.

4. Choose a CO2 Regulator. A double-body regulator, like the CO2PO™ Double Body Regulator provides the most flexibility for serving and carbonating multiple kegs.

5. Choose a CO2 manifold, to distribute CO2 to all of your kegs. We recommend choosing a slightly larger model to provide a few extra ports to use with a bottle filler like the Last Straw®. Give yourself room to expand the system. Our Draft Brewer® Cold Crash™ Keezer Gas Line Kit includes everything you need. Just choose the size you want.

6. Add a CO2 Tank. A 5 lb. tank is reasonable for a few kegs, but for larger builds, consider a 10 lb. or 20 lb. tank.

7. Add a temperature controller like the Thermostar® Digital Temperature Controller to keep the freezer from freezing your beer.

8. Assemble everything as described in our video, seen here.

9. Brew a lot and fill that Keezer!