Types of Wine: Riesling

Types of Wine: RieslingRiesling History:

Riesling wines are versatile white wines that easily dance the spectrum between intensely sweet to extremely dry. A massive planting of Riesling grapes at Schloss Johannisberg in 1720 contributed to Germany becoming the Riesling capital that it is today. If you’re thinking of taking a trip to tour the vineyards and taste some of this exceptional white wine Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Nahe, and Pfalz are the German cities that produce the most Riesling.

What is Riesling:

Light in body, high in acidity Rieslings are well known for their potent aromas. The flavors that move between the dry and sweet range of this white wine are often described as lime or green apple. It’s also low in tannins.

Though it is traditionally on the sweeter end to balance the wine’s high acidity, you’ll find that the character of Reisling wines recipe kits varies greatly by the wine’s place of origin, and we offer recipe kits from from California, Australia, Argentina, and of course, Germany.

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Cooking With Riesling:

Peaches and Riesling are a natural partner, and all the better when drizzled over delicious pork chops. Brining makes the chops juicy and tender. The secret to the juciest, most tender pork chops you’ve ever tasted? Treat your chops to at least 30 minutes in a luxurious wine-and-brine bath. Perfect excuse to enjoy a glass of Riesling yourself!

Pork Chops and Peach Glaze Recipe