Hand Pump Line Cleaning Kit

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Hand Pump Line Cleaning Kit

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You strive to design and brew great beer, why would you dispense it through dirty tap lines. Great beer deserves well maintained lines. This kit makes cleaning easy. To use simply fill the reservoir with a cleaning solution (such as BLC or ALC), remove the tap, disconnect the ball lock fitting or keg coupler, and attach the cleaning pump to the faucet shank. Then using the hand pump push the cleaning solution through the lines. We recommended cleaning your lines every 2-4 weeks. For the best results use a caustic cleaner (Penetrate, DAC, or BLC) every third cleaning, and an acid line cleaner every fourth cleaning. Always be sure to rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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SKU K282

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Spendy but it does a good job of cleaning my lines

Its a good cleaning tool, and convenient, just wished it cost less.

Good idea

This is a good idea but honestly not worth the price. It is overall a good cleaning tool if money is not an issue.

Good for Sanke keg users

Its a fast way of cleaning your lines, and you don't have to break down and reconnect lines either. Just remember to remove the keg couplers.

OK if you need to clean and don't have a keg

I got one of these and realized that you need to take your plastic keg couplers off in order to push the cleaner through the lines. While this item may be useful for those who need to clean lines connected to a sanke, for my corny kegs, I just put some BLC in the keg, pressurize it, let it sit in the hose for awhile and then drain it out.

Good cleaning tool

A little pricey but it does a good job of cleaning my lines. You have no choice but to clean your lines, unless you want bad tasting beer. Its pretty easy with this. Put it this way after using it you will be like Homer saying "Doh" when you realize how much time you could have saved all along.