Plastic Wine Fermenter w/ Lid 7.9 Gal Master Vintner

  • 7.9-gallon Plastic Wine Fermenter bucket with Lid
7.9-gallon Plastic Wine Fermenter bucket with Lid Side View with Volume Markings 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket Lid

Plastic Wine Fermenter w/ Lid 7.9 Gal Master Vintner

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The Master Vintner 7.9 Gallon Fermenting Bucket is the perfect primary fermentor for making wine, mead or cider. The additional head space you get from this fermentor makes for healthier yeast, a stronger fermentation, and ultimately a better beverage.

Volume graduation marks are printed on the exterior of the vessel for simplified measuring, and the lid comes with a rubber grommet to help hold your airlock securely in place.

NOTE: This fermenter is particularly important if you're making a Master Vintner wine recipe kit with skins due to the additional space the skins take up.

Pick up an extra fermenter and efficiently make two or more batches at once. This heavy-duty plastic fermenter is ideal for making wine, mead, or cider.

  • 7.9 Gallon Capacity Master Vintner Fermentor
  • Food Grade Plastic
  • Pre-drilled gasketed lid
  • Rubber grommet installed for easy airlock insertion
  • Exterior marks measure to 5 gallons, with the 6 gallons indicated with interior ridge

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SKU MW-7135

Customer Reviews

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Ronnie M.
Good stuff

Everything worked fine

Ferment bucket

perfect. Tight seal.

Brenda A.
Great place to buy wine supplies.

Good prices on wine kits, nice selection on wine equipment and fast shipping.

Jim C.
For high end wine kits

These buckets are a must have for the higher end wine kits with wet skins/raisins. There is a 6 gallon "ridge" on the inside of the bucket to make addition of water to the kit easily measured. The additional headspace makes the addition of the skins pack workable. Would not advise trying to pry the lid off in one motion as these buckets are pretty tight, loosen around the perimeter of the lid, and remove. Easy to clean, the grommet removes and replaces easily for cleaning/sanitizing.

JIm D.

Very Good!