Hop Monster IPA Extract Beer Variety Pack

  • Hop Monster IPA Extract Beer Variety Pack poured into three different style IPA glasse

Hop Monster IPA Extract Beer Variety Pack

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Three Monstrously Hop-Forward Beers!

These legends of lupulin were synthesized from the DNA of craft beer’s biggest Hop Monsters. Our franken-clones don’t just recreate their legendary taste, some say they’re even better than the originals. These twisted clones contain everything you need to raise up screams of delight. We leave it to you, the homebrewing mad-scientist, to assemble them and unleash these Hop Monsters on your friends and family.

Zombie Frost - Exclusive to Hop Monsters Variety Pack
Staggering citrus, melon and passion fruit come alive in this pale, single-hop Citra showcase. Toasty malt limps in the background as the apocalyptic bite of grapefruit-honeydew hop character lurches forward. A twist on our incredibly popular Zombie Dirt recipe kit, this special edition is the product of our own evil genius brewmasters, who dosed the original recipe with near-infectious levels of Citra Cryo Hops, first in the boil, then again in the fermentor. The result: a cryogenically-enhanced brew so intensely aromatic and flavorful, it could wake the undead. 

Dead Ringer IPA
Dead Ringer® is a larger-than-life American IPA beer recipe kit with a hop aroma so thick you can almost see it. American base malt and crystal malt create the big body and supporting grainy sweetness, while charge after charge of 100% Centennial hops deliver pronounced bitterness with a dominant citrus aroma and flavor. This IPA recipe kit has been a customer favorite for a decade. Dead Ringer is an homage to a legendary American IPA style that's brewed in Michigan. And according to countless homebrewers, it's dead on.

Tombstone Pale Ale
A timeless, perfected pale ale originally crafted by pioneering brewers in Southern California. Its dusty, lightly toasted malt backbone is marked with a headstone of citrusy hops and a grapefruit finish. While there nothing quite like an original, this resurrection draws many of the same nuances; mild stone fruit esters and caramel sweetness add balancing, earthy depth. Brew it in the spirit of sharing with an ABV just under 6% you can have too many.

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Yield Three 5 Gallon Batches
Beer Style Hazy IPA, IPA, Pale Ale
Fermentation Type Ale
Beer Recipe Kit Instructions Click here for recipe kit instructions
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Customer Reviews

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William D.M.
Beer kits

My love for a great IPA always takes me to Midwest Supply. I bought the Hop monster variety pack but my next brew is my favorite, Dead Ringer IPA. Looking forward to July 4th and a few dead ringers!

Jason W.
Delicious Sampler Pack

Great brews that went down wonderfully on a hot summer evening.