5 Gallon Reconditioned Ball Lock Keg

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Reconditioned 5-gallon Ball Lock Corny Keg Draft Brewer® Reconditioned 5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg Reconditioned Ball Lock Keg - Detailed top View

5 Gallon Reconditioned Ball Lock Keg

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This amazing price is worth a few dents! Because these kegs are used, many show exterior wear and tear that will not affect the keg's performance to hold pressure. Holding pressure is the keg's main function, and it will keep your beer tasting fresh and delicious. The affordability of buying "reconditioned" is definitely worth a few scratches and dents.

Along with pressure testing each keg, we replace the lid o-rings and outer-post o-rings, if needed. Many of our competitors do not do this, but we want to make absolutely sure you are satisfied – even if it's a used keg at a low price! Our technicians have also cleaned each keg with a caustic soda rinse – but even so – the keg may retain a sweet smell similar to a lemon-lime soft drink. The keg exteriors have not had extensive cleaning, so as with most "used" soda kegs we recommend that you thoroughly clean the keg inside (again) and out before using.

A note about o-rings: If you are concerned about the condition of the o-rings you may purchase extra o-rings separately, in case any tear during use.

These kegs are sourced from a variety of vendors and are not customer returns. They may not look new, but they work like new, thus the major discounted price from that of a brand new keg.

Note: Keg Lube can help prevent CO2 leaks and prolong the life of the keg seals.

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Note: In order to maintain inventory, our kegs are sourced from multiple locations. They are a mix of single and double handled kegs and we can not guarantee which style will be shipped when placing an order. Appearance will vary but all our kegs have been tested and approved to hold pressure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
John J.

Just put a batch in the keg and works great.

Jessica H.
Great Batch of Used Kegs

Buy these up right now. Some of the best kegs I own!

Erik B.
Like new great keg

Best reconditioned kegs I have gotten yet, like new.

George W.
Works Great!

It does what it's supposed to do. A couple of scrapes and dents doesn't effect the beer!

slightly used

it came with a damn forklift dent on the top edge and I had to condition the o-rings in the diptube valve and gas side with some keg lube. but despite the dented top, it doesn't leak and i didn't need to send it back. somewhere the shippers need to be careful while loading these with a forklift!