3 Gallon Fermonster Siphonless Fermenter

  • 3 Gallon Fermonster Siphonless Fermenter
3 Gallon Fermonster Siphonless Fermenter 3 Gallon Fermonster Siphonless Fermenter Lid

3 Gallon Fermonster Siphonless Fermenter

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The siphonless version of the popular FerMonster™ 3 Gallon Fermenter. Perfect for 2-3 gallon batches of beer, wine, cider, mead and even kombucha!
The FerMonster™ 3 Gallon Fermenter provides advantages over narrow mouth carboys. The 4" wide mouth makes the fermenter easy to clean, dry hop or infuse. Made from P.E.T plastic, the ribless design ensures that yeast and sediment fall to the bottom after fermentation. The lid o-ring makes the vessel air-tight to keep out oxygen and reassure that your airlock will bubble away without any unwanted seal leaks.

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SKU 42683

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T B.
Serves its purpose well!!

These are so simple to use. Just make sure you attack the spigot correctly and this is the best little (big) fermenter. Works wonderfully for a bigger 1 gallon primary!! Have used it for second but only once!! When draining, most all sediment stays behind. It’s wonderful!!

Robert A.
3 gallon plastic jug

Would have gotten a better review with better plastic.

Curtis c.
It’s good

It’s good I did have some doubts about the Spigot but as long as you put it on right it holds just fine do a leak test before you fill it up.. if there is a leak just loosen it up and retighten

3-Gallon Fermenter

Unit is nice and I could have given 4 stars if there’s a grommet to put an airlock in instead of a regular 1-inch hole with and a cap to cover.

And will give 5 stars if there’s a valve in the very bottom to easily get rid of the lees, similar to your 5-gallon fermenter. I just don’t understand why it wasn’t in this 3-gallon fermenter.

3 Gal. Plastic F.

Nice have a valve near the bottom; however, the plastic fermenter too thin of plastic on wall!!!!