Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Glass Fermenter

  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Glass Fermenter

Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Glass Fermenter

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The perfect small batch primary fermentor. The Little Big Mouth Bubbler® fermentor holds 1.4 gallons - offering nearly a gallon of extra headspace. Cut down on cleaning time and simply wipe it down after primary through the wide opening. To top it all off, the Little Big Mouth Bubbler® makes a great, inexpensive 4L yeast starter vessel!

Kit Includes:

  • Little Big Mouth Bubbler® Glass Fermentor
  • Single-Port Lid
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Does not include an airlock

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SKU 41308

Customer Reviews

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lance k.
Perfect size

It's the perfect size for fruit wines or meads, you still have a gallon after racking to secondary. Much easier to use than a bucket.

Jim K.
Outstanding Support!!

When I received my order of 4 Little Big Mouth Bubblers one was broken. I sent a text to the number supplied in the shipping email including photos of the broken bubbler.
The response was immediate and positive! I received a replacement within a few days.
As far as the fermenters themselves, they are the PERFECT size for making melomels!! Filled into the neck to start fermentation, the volume is a full gallon once it's racked off of the fruit.
These are (for me) the right balance between volume and weight. 1 gallon is too small with too much waste, and a 5 gallon is just too heavy and bulky for me to want to deal with.
A quality product, with a quality support team!!

Carl W.
Little glass bubbler

Love the fermenter. It had a large opening and thick sidewalls

Weston W.
Little Big Mouth carboy

Great carboy but needs a better gasket for the lid. Currently uses a styrofoam disk instead of a rubber or silicone gasket.

Patrick A.
Perfect size

The fermenters are actually about 1.5 gallons which provides plenty of head space for a gallon of Tepache or a 2k brew of Chinese rice wine.