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Midwest Beer Clarity Filter System


Product Number: FS9500

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The Midwest filter system has been reconfigured to make filtration easier and less expensive. In order to filter beer or wine you will need to have a Cornelius keg system with a minimum of 2 kegs. Un-carbonated product from one tank is pushed with CO2 through the filter into the sanitized empty tank. In order to polish your beer and remove yeast you will need to do this in a two stage process, which means with 2 kegs you will have to clean and sanitize the originating keg before sending the beer back through the fine filter.
The first filter you will use is a 5 micron sized filter to remove large particulate (hops and proteins) that if left for the fine filters would clog them before you finish. Once your beer passes through the 5 micron filter then it is up to you how fine you want your product filtered. The fine filters consist of a 1.0 micron and a 0.65 micron filter. The 1.0 micron filter should filter out 80-90% of the yeast in solution while the 0.65 - 0.5 sterile filter will filter out 100% of the yeast.
Absolute vs. Nominal filters
Nominal filters refer to the fact that the micron size is loosely rated, so it is at or around the listed size. These are lower cost filters that will work just fine, they are just not as precise as the absolute filters. Absolute filters give you absolute control over the level of filtration your beers go through, they are rated and precise to the degree they are listed, and therefore they are more expensive. For everyday brewing, nominal disposable filters will do the trick. But if you are competitive and looking for a winning edge, a professional precise filtration is what you will want.
These filters are constructed of FDA approved polypropylene spun fiber. The mid-grade and pro-grade filters (not included) can be sanitized with Star San or Saniclean, provided they are cleaned properly with a back flush with water after each use. The pro-grade filters (not included) are auto-clavable for repeated use or in home use, 10-30 minutes in a pressure cooker will sanitize. The manufacturer recommends 10 hours of total sanitizing in the filters lifetime, so with proper use, cleaning and storage the pro-grade filters will be your better investment.

Filtration Equipment Kit Includes:
  • 10" filter housing
  • Tubing
  • Disconnects
  • 1- 5.0-micron coarse basic disposable filter
  • 1- 1.0-micron polishing basic disposable filter
  • Water tubing kit

Customer Reviews

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Overall Rating: 4.2

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Good System. No Leaks. You CAN Re-Use the Disposable Filters Review by tmanting

(Posted on 6/12/14)

Product Rating:

I've only used it once, but reading the instructions, I was surprised to learn that you can reuse the disposable filters if you back-flush them (the adapter is included) and store them in the freezer or in vodka. Hint: A Tupperware spaghetti dispenser is the perfect size for one filter if you decide to use the vodka method - very little waste.
Once I got over the learning curve I found it very easy to use and no leaks!

Good investment Review by C-Dub

(Posted on 1/12/14)

Product Rating:

This system works great. Better beer with filtration, definitely. A must with kegging. I run my wort through a screen prior to fermenting, and am real careful transferring into the secondary, so that allows me to only run it through one filter and it is crystal clear. You will be filtering out all the residual yeast, so bottle conditioning is out (unless you put a little yeast back into each bottle - but that defeats the whole purpose). I have tried force carbonating in the keg and then tried to bottle, and it worked (but came out just a little flat).

You could probably buy all the parts at your local hardware store, put it together yourself and save a little $$, but I chose to pay a little more to get it already assembled.

Good system Review by Dobson

(Posted on 1/5/14)

Product Rating:

Its a good system for making some good brewing water. This water is much better tasting than the nasty tap water I have, and it has helped improve my beers. Friends have noticed that they taste better.

Good little system Review by Brandon

(Posted on 11/10/13)

Product Rating:

I always wanted to filter beers just to see if I noticed a difference. Short answer, yes. Overall, a pretty nice little filter system, but is kind of a pain to wash. Be sure to run cleaner through the filter system in reverse at a speed slightly faster than the beer filtering going forward. This will ensure enough pressure is used to remove deposits.

Good - but could have had better instructions Review by Redmond

(Posted on 10/20/13)

Product Rating:

I don't think the 5 micron filter does so much, but the 1 micron sure does.
I now have the clearest home brew I've ever made. When bottled it looked commercial clear and still tasted great.

good but need parts Review by Crazy Jays Brew

(Posted on 7/15/13)

Product Rating:

I now have 2 of these in line. I was happy with the first one I ordered, even though it leaked a little. When I received the second one to add I realized why it has the wrong size rubber O-ring in it causing it to not provide a solid seal. I wish there was a way to order a new O-ring.

Good intermediate system Review by Jerry

(Posted on 7/15/13)

Product Rating:

This is a lot better than the less expensive systems which are very slow. It's not as good as the filtering systems that cost north of $200. But it works fine and filters in a reasonable time. The filters aren't too expensive so overall this is the best filtering system for the money.

3.5 Stars Review by A Palmer

(Posted on 6/24/13)

Product Rating:

It leaks, about a cup each run. So two cups if I run the 5 and 1 micron. Used food grade silicone wax on gasket and teflon tape and that helped to where it only leaks the one cup now. It does help filter the beer which is why I rate the value a 4 star. Anything that makes my beer better is a good value but the price I did rate 3 star because I feel it is a little on the high end.

easy to use Review by Warren

(Posted on 6/9/13)

Product Rating:

The Clarity Filter System does a great job. The 5 micron filter is insufficient alone, so plan on pushing the beer back through a 1 micron filter. The beer will be bright and visually appealing (and I like bright homebrew).

Order completion and shipping was slow. I ordered on May 23rd and received order on June 4th. A bit slow in a competitive homebrew suppliers market.

I ordered 4 extra 5 micron filters. They did not arrive, and the packing slip showed them back-ordered. However, on my online account, it shows that they were shipped. Hope we get this worked out.

Works great - a little pricey Review by Mike

(Posted on 5/20/13)

Product Rating:

A little pricey but you get everything already put together. I have used three times so far it does a good job filtering the beer. Just beer sure to run the beer through at low pressure. This will take longer but seems to do a better job filtering. I am using the 1 micron filters and they seem to work just fine

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