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Please note: These kegs make a long journey from Germany and as result, many arrive with small dents. These are of no cause for concern and do not affect the functionality in any way. Thanks for your understanding!

Mini Kegs are great because more kegs = fewer bottles! These kegs work with the Party Star Deluxe Tap System to bring draft beer to a compact, portable system. You will also need to order an additional bung unless you already have one.

Dimensions (LxWxH) 10"- Height
Diameter 7"

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Convenient Review by jayg

(Posted on 2/28/14)

Product Rating:

Great way to carry a few beers around. Make sure to order the bung. For some reason thus hasn't worked for force carbonation but that may be just my inexperience.

Good for small sessions Review by OHara

(Posted on 1/31/14)

Product Rating:

I frequently want to serve small groups and don't want to bring a while kegs and taps. This is a good size and you can use gravity to get the beer out, though it's a little slow.

Good for tail gaiting Review by Sample

(Posted on 12/8/13)

Product Rating:

I put on in the car, in a tub of ice, and use a cheap portable tap I bought from Mid west a while back, and have no worries about my equipment getting banged up.

An easy way to bring beer around Review by Andrew

(Posted on 10/26/13)

Product Rating:

These mini kegs make it very easy to bring some beer over and not have to carry heavy kegs and lots of equipment. If the system was a little more robust it would be 5 stars.

Good for football tailgaiting Review by OD

(Posted on 9/5/13)

Product Rating:

The kegs are good for taking beer in bulk to a football game when you don't want to bring an entire keg. They also let you get the benefit of kegging without the large investment. Eventually these kegs burst so you need to replace them every so often.

forget the taps Review by mohara

(Posted on 4/3/13)

Product Rating:

These are great for kegging beer when you don't want to commit to opening a larger portion. This is especially important for those who like real ale. However, purists will not want to pump CO2 into the keg for dispensing either. For years I tried all the minikeg taps and they all suck. But then I found that gravity dispensing from the spout at the bottom of the keg actually works pretty well. It is a small enough opening to get a nice sparkler type effect and put a head on the beer, and no need for CO2 at all. It loses a little as the keg gets low and there is less pressure, but all in all, a pretty good system for real ale enthusiasts.

They do have limited use. I had a few last year that split at the seams and leaked out all the beer, but they had been used a bunch of times. I got some new ones and will keep track of the number of uses on them.

Perfect for tailgaiting Review by Steve

(Posted on 3/7/13)

Product Rating:

I use these mini-kegs for taking a stock of beer to a tailgate or softball games when glass bottles don't make sense.

Keep them clean and treat them gently and you'll get 8-10 uses out of them. I don't bother with lubing the plugs, a simple soak in warm water will allow them to fit easily.

These can sometimes be found for around $20 at your local package place full of swill.

Good stuff! Review by WJ

(Posted on 2/19/13)

Product Rating:

Perfect for my use: kegging homebrew in a "mini keggerator" set up. Cheaper than going with a full-out keg, they are perfect for space, and the co2 cartridges are easy to find and order

I use this with my mini-keggerator set up. I prime the beer right in the keg

For what it is, I'd expect it to be a little less expensive. Mini-kegs full of Heineken (yuck) aren't much more expensive

Limited uses Review by Tim

(Posted on 1/27/13)

Product Rating:

Before I started kegging, I used one of these systems. These mini kegs work fairly well, but you can only use them maybe a dozen times or so before they start to leave a metallic taste in your beer, then you need to replace them Also, I found the beer from these to have a more prominent yeasty taste due to the extra yeast production during carbonation and the dip tube extending to the bottom which picks up the extra yeast.

Great option for Keggin Review by NCost

(Posted on 11/24/12)

Product Rating:

These kegs make "bottling" your beer easy as well as economical. 4 kegs for a batch (5gal) is all you need. Easy to store them in your fridge due to size of them.

you will need bungs for the carbonation process as well as a dispensing method or rely on the built in mini tap. Also make sure to get some bung lube to make installing the bungs simple.

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