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New Zealand Motueka Pellet Hops - 1 oz.


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Excellent in many applications and when employed in multiple additions from a single hop bill. This hop offers a unique aroma and flavor making it suitable for producing bigger more traditional style Lagers, especially Bohemian Pilsner.
Development: Bred by crossing a New Zealand breeding selection with Saazer parentage.
Usage: Aroma
Aroma: Lemon, lime, tropical fruit
Alpha Acids: 6.5 — 7.5%
Beta Acids: 5.0 — 5.5%
Co-Humulone: ~29.0% of alpha acids
Total Oil: ~0.8 ml/100grams
Substitutions: Saaz, Sterling
Typical Beer Styles: European Lagers, Belgian and English Ales, Pilsner

Size 1 oz.
Origin New Zealand
Alpha Acid (Average %) 6.5 — 7.5%
Type Pellet
Typical Usage Aroma
Co-Humulone (%) ~29.0% of alpha acids
Total Oil (ml/100g hops) ~0.8 ml/100grams
Substitutions Saaz, Sterling

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New aroma and flavor hop Review by Dobson

(Posted on 2/4/14)

Product Rating:

I never heard of these until I used them in an IPA. Very good flavor and aroma, has a lemony citrus flavor and was awesome in my IPA.

A good finishing hop Review by Hank

(Posted on 10/26/13)

Product Rating:

This New Zealand hop has a nice flavor and a god aroma and worked out really well in the beer I made with it. I would buy more kits that use it.

Nice flavor hop Review by Spin

(Posted on 2/5/12)

Product Rating:

This hop has a nice flavor and aroma. Goes great in a pale ale. you will get a lemony lime taste.

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