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Saflager S-23 Dry Yeast (11.5 grams)


Product Number: Y008

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Yeast: Saflager S-23 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
This bottom fermenting yeast is originating from the VLB (Berlin) in Germany and is known under the code RH. The strain is used by Western European commercial breweries and has been reported to produce lagers with some fruity and estery notes. Sedimentation: high. Final gravity: medium.

Flocculation No
Rate of Fermentation No
Foam Production No
Nutrient Requirements No
H2S Production No
SO2 Production No
Profile No

Customer Reviews

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Overall Rating: 3.9

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Crisp but some off flavors Review by Huber

(Posted on 12/18/13)

Product Rating:

The beer came out crisp, but did have some fruity flavors, which shouldn't be there for a lager. No Diacetyl though. Clearing wasn't an issue since I cold crash.

Clean yeast Review by Omar

(Posted on 11/12/13)

Product Rating:

I used this yeast in my first ever lager batch and was pleased with the results. It fermented very clean (1qt starter for 3gal batch, @ 54f primary, then lagered at 40f) and there were hardly any noticeable esters, which was a concern since I was making a Schwarzbier. All in all, if you're just experimenting with lagers and not sure which yeast to use, this one is a safe bet.

Only for some beers Review by Sanjay

(Posted on 9/22/13)

Product Rating:

In general i don't use this for lagers because it tends to be estery. But for some beers its a good choice. The Anchor Steam clone is a good example, where it uses a lager yeast but at warmer temperatures. For that it works well.

Makes a fair lager Review by Sanjay

(Posted on 8/23/13)

Product Rating:

I was careful with my temperature control so I didn't have a problem with Diacetyl.
It fermented fully and settled out. It did have some fruity off flavors though.
The lager was ok and no one complained when drinking it. I would probably try other yeasts before coming back to this.

Not as crisp as I'd hoped Review by Jon

(Posted on 7/21/13)

Product Rating:

I followed the fermentation schedule and D rest, and lagered as best I could. The beer was ok, but not as crisp as I've gotten with liquid yeast.

Crisp and Clean Review by Pete

(Posted on 5/31/13)

Product Rating:

It's a good lager yeast, though it makes plenty of Diacetyl so make sure you do the D rest when its 70% of the way through. Also make sure you rehydrate in water, and don't dump it directly in the beer.

Challenging yeast Review by Ea

(Posted on 4/19/13)

Product Rating:

Brewed my second lager with s23. I used a starter at room temp for 18 hrs then pitched at 70F(probably too warm but within the recommended range) with immediate fermentation but also a good amount of fruity ethers. Cooled to 50F but had poor attenuation at 1 and 2weeks. Did a rest at 2 weeks but the diacetyl flavor was persistent despite shaking up the yeast cake. Finally decided to dump batch and start over.

If your just starting out brewing s23 is a very unforgiveable yeast. There are definetly better lager yeasts available.

Makes a good lager Review by Ortona

(Posted on 4/12/13)

Product Rating:

Made a good crisp clean lager. Maybe not as good as some of the liquid yeast I have used, but still good. I followed the directions and the advice here and made sure to do a Diacetyl rest when attenuation was 65% complete, at around 8 days. I pitched it cool, and warmed up to room temperature for the D rest. It came out fine.

Should go with liquid yeast Review by David

(Posted on 3/20/13)

Product Rating:

I've used both dry and liquid ale yeast and both worked fine, but with the dry lager yeast didn't have very good results. My beer ended up with high attenuation but with a sulfurous smell even after 2 months in secondary at 40 degrees F. Though this was my first lager it will probably be my last and I would say it's the yeast's fault.

Made a fir-spruce lager no hops Review by Judd

(Posted on 2/15/13)

Product Rating:

Used this for a fir-spruce lager with corriander and sage. A hop-less brew. Turned out good. First try so maybe just luck. Fermented well.

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