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Brun Foncé Soft Belgian Candi Sugar - 1 lb.

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Brun Foncé Soft Belgian Candi Sugar - 1 lb.

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Sugar does play an essential role in Belgian brewing.


Brun Foncé is a highly flavorful Dark Soft Belgian Candi Sugar. It contributes notable dark fruit and subtle caramel flavors.

- SRM: 5
- 1.032 PPG.

Use this soft candi sugar in all of your Belgian beers to impart a wonderfully soft and well-rounded flavor that you have never had in your beers before! A by-product of the rock candi and candi syrup making processes, soft sugar is made up of tiny crystals of beet sugar that have been removed from the syrup by way of a centrifuge. These crystals have a more intense flavor than the traditional sugar rocks American brewers are used to seeing. This is the same candi sugar used by the famous Rochefort brewery in Belgium. Soft and delicate candi syrup flavor and light color.

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