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Saflager S-23 Dry Yeast (11.5 grams)

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Saflager S-23 Dry Yeast (11.5 grams)

SKU: Y008

Bottom fermenting yeast originating from the VLB - Berlin in Germany recommended for the production of fruity and estery lagers. Its lower attenuation profile gives beers with a good length on the palate


Yeast: Saflager S-23 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
This bottom fermenting yeast is originating from the VLB (Berlin) in Germany and is known under the code RH. The strain is used by Western European commercial breweries and has been reported to produce lagers with some fruity and estery notes. Sedimentation: high. Final gravity: medium.
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Ideal Temperature Range (°F) 50-57
Attenuation (%) 82
Flocculation High

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